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In the Mood to get buzzed? We got you the right booze!

In the Mood to get buzzed? We got you the right booze!


Business partners Jhyll Sy Cantong, Derrick Tan Cantong, and Lesley Jane Chan are cocktail lovers. Prior to the pandemic period, they would grab one after work as a way to de-stress. Simply missing the routine, Jhyll had a light-bulb idea and proposed to create a bottled cocktail. “Since the ECQ was in place, cocktail bars won’t be accessible anytime soon.” “Creating such a product is something viable,” agreed Lesley who thought Jhyll’s idea was of perfect timing. From there, Mood Cocktails came about — a ready-to-pour booze made of quality spirits and natural cold-pressed syrups.

The “right” mix

Jhyll, a creative designer, shares that they were meticulous when it comes to the quality and taste of their beverages. To become relatable, they wanted to create something that even they will personally consume. Hence, they collaborated with a mixologist and came up with a set of personalized concoctions. This includes Sangrita (Sangria), Hot Mess (Margarita), Tropicolada (Piña Colada), Seoul Good (Korean Highball), and The Rising Sun (Sake Punch). Proudly made of quality ingredients, their beverages comprise premium spirits and natural cold-pressed flavors. The right kick of taste comes from the natural sweetness of the fresh fruits.

Know your niche and target a specific audience

Starting an enterprise can be really discouraging at first. Since the marketplace is saturated, penetrating it is not easy. Jhyll then reminds business aspirants to know the products they want to sell by heart and be passionate about it. That way, they would be able to tell where to improve onward. 

Brand wise, Marketing Manager Lesley believes that upcoming entrepreneurs should be familiar with their target market. She also shared tips like investing time and effort in producing visually appealing content, since audiences are highly visual nowadays. Moreover, she holds that nurturing and earning their trust by “giving them value-for-money, quality products, and great service” are crucial to sustaining the business.

A product of optimism

Mood Cocktails‘ creators aim to send a message of hope to the audience through their brand. It is through the pandemic where they thought outside the box and channeled their creativity into a unique and profitable product. They believe that with the right kind of mindset, determination, and passion to create, anyone can do the same.

Mood Cocktails can be ordered through their official social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Prices range from 300 pesos (per piece), to 850 pesos for three, 1,100 pesos for four , and 1,350 pesos for five.

Currently in the mood for some Mood! Buzzing them now, B.R.B!

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