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This home-based nail salon will give you fingernails like a work of art

This home-based nail salon will give you fingernails like a work of art

Getting your nails done is probably one of the most therapeutic things. For those committed to splurging on this every month, finding the best nail salon within their budget can be hard to look for.  Of course, you wanted to avoid the long lines of the nail salon in the malls, the pollution and stress of commuting over there, and some overpriced services. So, maybe going home-based should be your next option.

With Nails by Vayne, a home-based nail salon in Caloocan, you can get that badly needed destressing manicure sesh, that can surely spruce up your nails with a fresh coat of polish, all while being affordable and not putting a hole in your pocket.

Meeting the Nail Artist

Meet Vanezsha Joy V. De Guzman, also called “Vayne”, a 22-year-old self-taught nail artist, a college student, and a full-time online ESL teacher. Given all the heavy workload at university and work, it doesn’t stop her to do her first love—art. What started as a simple hobby of glamming up her own nails, she finally decided to offer her services after getting lots of compliments from her family and friends every time she posted her nail art works.

She used to go to nail salons but then realized that she can also do what she used to pay for. Her passion for art helped her to discover and practice on herself these nail art and extensions, especially with poly gel and soft gel. Later on, she decided to turn her hobby into a business last August 2022.  

Scrolling through her Facebook and Instagram accounts can surely give you inspiration on what your next design should be. Her designs are definitely Pinterest-inspired as what her client wants. Nail charms, chrome powders, pearls, cute small embellishments, gel polish, and nail tips, Nails by Vayne can deliver. From a wide range of nail shapes and lengths, and extensive 200 color choices, from minimalist to bold and crazy designs, you can also ask her to do a freestyle and trust her creative freedom. You won’t regret it, I promise!

Now that you’re convinced, here are the things to consider before booking an appointment

Nails by Vayne runs on strict appointments only every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Upon confirming your reservation, you must pay a deposit or downpayment to avoid cancellation. Customers are also asked to disclose existing health problems that may get affected while getting nail appointments. These are the services she offers and their initial prices:

Gel Polish

  • Dry manicure or gel polish on your natural nails. No nail tips are used.
  • Usually takes up to 1-2 hours for a full set
  • Can last up to 2-3 weeks
  • Price ranges from PHP 400 to PHP 500

Soft Gel Extensions

  • Dry manicure on pre-shaped full nail tips that are made out of gel
  • Usually takes up to 2-3 hours for a full set depending on the design
  • Can last up to 4-6 weeks with proper aftercare
  • Price starts at PHP 650

Poly Gel

  • Dry manicure on fingertip covered acrylic gel on a half or nail tips.
  • Usually takes up to 2-4 hours for a full set depending on the design
  • Price ranges from PHP 850 to PHP 1,000

Press-on Nails

  • Customized nail art design of your choice
  • With free glue and nail file or buffer
  • Price starts at PHP 120

Removal Fee

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  • Price ranges from PHP 100 for recurring customers and PHP 150 to PHP 200 for new customers

This nail artist guarantees that all her tools and area are well-sanitized before and after every customer. She also frequently offers promotional discounts on her page and gives loyalty cards to her regular customers that can opt for a free nail set or discount.

The challenges of nailing it all at once

 Vanezsha is doing it all, everything at once. This psychology major and on her way to getting nail technician certification shared that it was never easy. “At first, it was really exhausting and crazy. There are times that I neglect some aspects of my life just to work on others. There are times that I wanted to quit due to few customers and feel a little envious of others who are already so great with their nail designs. However, I remind myself to be kinder and remember that I am just a beginner. This motivated me to hone my skills and do better.”

Also, with the help of strict scheduling and time management, she was able to nail it all. “I always plan a week ahead on my schedule. I do my school works early, my work is also in a fixed time and usually in the late afternoon onwards, and since I have a flexible time on my nail appointments, I am able to manage it all.”

This college student nail artist is an example that with if you do things that you love, you should never quit doing them. With the right motivation and consistency, you would be unstoppable on the journey you set your mind to. Vayne also emphasized the importance of rewarding yourself after a good job. “I always believe that work is the vacation to poverty. I always reward myself even in small things to not feel burned out.” With her hard work, she already got her nail salon renovated, financed herself, and treat her own family.

So, get your nail art set on Nails by Vayne for affordable and quality treatments that will make your fingers look like tiny works of art!

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