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Signature Tools by Guillano is available now!

Signature Tools by Guillano is available now!

Make-up is a sure way to boost a person’s self-confidence. It is not an illusion or a lie, it’s an attitude that you simply choose. Not a mask, make-up becomes an extension of self; an expression of one’s inner world. Launched on Sunday, February 28, Signature Tools by Guillano lets you paint in peace; following one’s passion and seeing one’s skin as a blank canvas. The 15 pc. Signature Tools Brush Set only costs Php2,999.

Signature Tools by Guillano is available now!

Filipino celebrity make-up artist Guillano Valenzuela launched his very own fifteen-piece brush set last Sunday, February 28. When asked about his new collection, Guilly tells us the story behind Signature Tools by Guillano.

“Due to the COVID-19, I know it’s been a hard time for the people in the beauty industry. So, why not, treat this as a reward for yourself? We carefully curated this brush set for both professionals and beginners. We want to cater to all creatives. We put out hearts and created this brush line for two years. So, we hope that you will enjoy using our first-ever.”

How did Signature by Guillano come about?

“Ever since I started doing makeup, I always ask myself: What will be my next step? Since then, I dreamed of having my own cosmetics line. One of the good things that come from this includes the people that continue to trust me who are willing to venture into this kind of business with me. Two years ago, I received a proposal from a friend who now became my partner with this brand. I quickly said yes and here we are now, releasing our first brush collection. And, maybe soon, we could expand in creating our very own make-up products.”

Why did you decide to create your own line of make-up tools?

“After ten years in the industry, I finally came up with an idea to step up the game and build a business that is related to my work. A business where I can pour my heart out because I know I will enjoy it.”

How do you think make-up helps with one’s self-expression and creativity?

“I’ve been an artist ever since I was a child. So, I really know the feeling when your ideas start to pour out. You need to release them on different avenues. Way back in my Elementary and High School days, I always pour my feelings on paintings and this really helps me a lot to express what I want to say. At the time, I wasn’t expecting that I’d be a make-up artist someday and use people’s faces as my canvas. But, it just happened.”

All photos came from Guillano Valenzuela.

Photography | Charlie Miñon

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Get your own Signature by Guillano brush set here.

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