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Passion for Fashion: How Self Unemployed and Aesth.Com Clothing Creates the Future?

Passion for Fashion: How Self Unemployed and Aesth.Com Clothing Creates the Future?

In today’s day and age, our perception towards what we wear and our ability to choose what brand we should patronize are already being influenced by the people we see online, most specifically on Instagram. This is the era wherein social media influencers are continuously skyrocketing the virtual world. But amidst all these changes, one thing remains, which will forever be part of our lives: our passion.

Establishing a fashion business requires passion, hard work, artistry, and creativity. This week, I had the chance to meet two young minds who established their clothing brands, despite the fast fashion industry that they’re in, they still able to adapt well, and use this everchanging industry, the best way they know-how.


I am grateful to write another feature article that embodies creativity when it comes to fashion. My writings are always for the people who dare to come out and show what they’ve got. 

This week, I have the chance to talk to the CEO and owner of the newly-established clothing brand SELF UNEMPLOYED on Instagram. Mr. Twain Isles, who hails from the city of San Pablo, Laguna, took up Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines.

When I asked, what inspires him to enter this kind of business, he said,

“I have always loved how statement tees can be so empowering. How a basic t-shirt with words on them has a huge impact and can evoke a reaction from an audience. The pandemic brought the peak of loungewear/athleisure culture. And I saw people buying clothes online and dressing up even when doing mundane errands. Upon learning how easy it was to sell on Shopee, I saw an opportunity to share my message to the world.”

His passion for fashion truly leveraged his potential to grow his own business. Right now, his creations are also being worn by some local Instagram Influencers.


During our conversation, I’m already so curious about the brand name’s inspiration. Without any hesitation, I asked him. He said,

Self Unemployed is a non-binary clothing/ fashion line that is all about expressing yourself thru statement tees. A style that has a message and a sense of humor. The pandemic made lots of Filipinos left without a job, myself included. We are known for our resilience and the ability to turn tragedy into comedy. I wanted a name that reflects my personality. A name that is already somewhat familiar and with a little bit of wordplay. A name that is some sort of a social commentary wrapped in comedy. And that’s how SelfUnemployed was born.”

Photo by SelUnemployed

AESTH.COM / Aesthetic Combos

As the adage goes, one is lonely, two is company. That’s why for this feature story, I’m sharing two young people’s voices and how they used their passion on building their profiles in this industry.

Aside from Twain, we have Joshua Macaraig, a 23-year-old who founded AESTH.COM.

It’s really true that when you’re just starting to put up a new business you have to do everything and be everything. Because for AESTH.COM, Joshua is a one-man team; he’s the designer, model, and even the photographer.

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What does AESTH.COM stand for?

This clothing brand on Instagram is a minimalist contemporary clothing brand. As Joshua said, “Aesthetic Combos is all about YOU.” Indeed, this brand is really showing that fashion is not just a mere form of art but rather, a form of self-expression.

Photo by

When I asked Joshua if he has three top outfit recommendations, he conveys something that’s so minimal yet an outfit that never goes out of style;

“First; rubber shoes, black pants, white shirt, and our please take care mask. Then, I also recommend wearing combat boots, black shorts, an oversized black coat, and our Introduction Black T-shirt. Then this recommendation is just beige Yeezy slides, pleated white pants, and our Cozy Capsule Grey Terry Sweater.

In every spectrum of our thriving society, one’s ability to style themselves is one of the things that can’t be outraged by anybody. Our passion for fashion is a good term that should always be considered.

In order for the clothing industry to be leveraged, we needed to reinvent, reimagine to stride fashion as we go forward. It’s important to always consider our core and passion in everything that we want to do

Twain and Josh’s approaches to fashion might be different, but they have one thing in common, and that is their passion and aspiration to become one of the entities who’ll be considered as the future of fashion.

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