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ON POINT: The fun and fearless side of Anthony Rosaldo

ON POINT: The fun and fearless side of Anthony Rosaldo

Anthony Rosaldo is one of the exceptional music artists who emerged from GMA’s reality singing search, ‘The Clash’. But even before joining the competition, Anthony is already sharing his gift and talent by performing at hotels and bars, both in local and international scenes. With the ongoing health crisis postponing live music performances, how can he adjust to the new normal? Let’s see how this striking musician plan to build an identity and future career in the entertainment industry!

Life lessons during the pandemic and adjustments

‘The Clash’ alum Anthony Rosaldo’s personality behind the spotlight is a mix of energy and humor. He’s a coffee kind of guy who’s quite outgoing and always talks about his beloved pet corgi “Hoshi”. He likes laidback and practical fashion since he always chooses function and comfort.
“I know that I look good when I feel good with what I wear so I think I get most of my confidence there,” he said.
Like other performers, Anthony saw how pandemic affected the entertainment industry and that saddens him. He said that even the nature of work paid well for the past months, his heart breaks for the people he knows and lost their jobs. The quarantine has taught him a great lesson, and that is to manage his finances smarter. It also made him value more his profession and craft. In return, it drives him to do more things with productivity and creativity.
Despite the hurdles, Anthony is still thankful that his family members are all safe and healthy. He is prioritizing health among other material things so he’s doing his best to protect his family from the fatal disease. As for him, he maintains his fitness by exercising once in a while. Thanks to his exercise equipment at home, he can still work out even gyms are still not open.

Rock-solid dedication to his work and his supporters

This young singer also takes this level of discipline to his work ethics and career. Anthony is aware that the country is full of highly-talented singers. But that fact does not faze him at all. It only challenges him to create more songs and promote them through social media.
“Promoting my songs, making contents, and reaching out to more fans is hard work but it is satisfying for us artists.”
As a sensitive person, Anthony is training himself to handle the critics and the bashers on his social media handles. Since he started in the industry, he already has seen a lot of negative comments about him as a performer. To conquer that, he continues to ignore the bashers as he knows that he cannot please everyone. He also realized many things after joining the show business.
“I always tell people that this dream didn’t happen overnight. I’ve realized that once you put your whole heart to that dream, IT WILL HAPPEN. If you want to become successful you can’t just say it. You have to do your part. Work hard and never stop. Live like you’re meant for it.”
Indeed, Anthony is positive that he’ll be successful no matter what happens because of his drive to improve himself. He thinks that failure only happens when he lose the hunger to win those battles. Aside from singing, he also learned another craft and entered the world of acting.

Aside from willpower, Anthony continues to push through because of the overwhelming support from his ‘Baebies’. For that reason, he aims to become an inspiration to future generations or the youth. He wants to be their idol who teaches them to fight for their dreams just like how his idols influenced him in the past. He also shared a sweet message to his fans:

“To my fans especially to my Baebies, you all know how much I love you and that will never change. Thank you for always being there to support me. Thank you for always fighting with me in all my battles. I am truly grateful to have you all! Mahal na mahal ko Kayo!”

With all those insights and emotions, we now know that Anthony Rosaldo is not just a man of talent and charisma who became popular because of a singing contest. He’s a fun person who remains loyal to his dreams and the people supporting him. And last but not the least, he is fearless to show the world his powerful voice and acting prowess!
Written by Queenie Lastra
Photographer | Josh Ke
Stylist | Janno Novenario
Assitant Stylist | Renz Allapitan
Makeup Artist | Guiliano Valenzuela
Hairstylist | Arthur Tolentino
Special Thanks to Chester Singian, Robert dela Cruz Mendoza, and GMA Artist Center
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