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Philippines, let’s continue to brave important battles today

Philippines, let’s continue to brave important battles today

The coronavirus pandemic has taught us the value of freedom — big and small. We have witnessed how Filipino people unite in times of crisis, how strangers help each other without hesitations, and how the Filipino spirit of bayanihan created an impact of hope, empathy, and compassion.

This June 2020, we are celebrating the 122nd anniversary of our Independence day. I am sending you this message to encourage all of you to live, work, and serve the nation with integrity, influence, and harmony. Let us remember our heroes and martyrs who fought hard for our freedom. We should always be reminded of their heroism and uphold our duty of maintaining peace and sovereignty. In fact, the development and stability of our nation’s well-being is on us. The freedoms we enjoy are not free. 

Amid all the issues happening in our country today, now more than ever, is the right time to ignite our deeply-embedded Filipino spirit. Let this milestone serve as reminder that we must always work together to protect our freedom as a nation — no matter what it takes. 

Villagers, motivate yourself to strive better to be an active citizen who can contribute to nation-building. May your sense of nationality and compassion for humanity be planted in your hearts and it will continue to grow and prosper. Let’s continue to brave important battles today.

Philippines, Happy 122nd Independence day!

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