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My All Time Favorite Female Volleyball Players in UAAP Season 85

My All Time Favorite Female Volleyball Players in UAAP Season 85

The University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) held its 85th athletic season in 2022-23. The theme of Season 85 is “Rise as One,” and Adamson University served as the season’s host. With only seven events in Season 84, the collegiate league will return to its full sports calendar for Season 85. UAAP SEASON 85 Women’s Volleyball has been exciting and you can feel the intensity on your body while watching live or on Television. Many talented rookies and seniors are trying their best to reach the goal which is to get the gold medal and win the season. The UAAP season 84 depending champions National University Lady Bulldogs are trying to defend the crown but the camaraderie and courage of De La Salle Lady Spikers prevail. Here are my top 5 Favorite Female Volleyball Players in UAAP SEASON 85.

1. Angel Anne Canino

Photo Credit: Philippines Star

Angel Anne Canino is an outside hitter from De La Salle University Lady Spikers. This talented player is a Rookie-MVP in UAAP Season 85. This rookie player of the Lady Spikers is unstoppable. Angel Canino is a talented female volleyball player from the Philippines. She has made a huge influence in the sport due to her abilities and dedication. Canino has demonstrated outstanding technique, quickness, and teamwork on the volleyball court. Her accomplishments have earned her praise and acclaim from fans and fellow athletes alike. Canino, a rising star in Philippine volleyball, continues to inspire and leave a lasting mark on the sport.

2. Eya Laure

Photo Credit: CNN Philippines

Eya Laure is from University of Santo Tomas Lady Tigresses. This veteran spiker have won the Rookie of the Year and Best Outside Hitter title in UAAP Season 81 and Leading the Espana Squad in Season 84 and 85. Eya Laure is an excellent female volleyball player from the Philippines. Laure has enthralled viewers with her powerful spikes, flawless sets, and incredible court vision. She is known for her exceptional skills and exciting playing style. Her dedication to the sport and unwavering resolve have propelled her to the forefront of Philippine volleyball. Eya Laure’s outstanding performances have earned her countless awards and the respect of fans and fellow athletes alike. Laure is an inspiration to young players and an important role in the future of Philippine volleyball as she continues to hone her abilities and make her mark in the volleyball world.

3. Faith Nisperos

Photo Credit: Rappler

Faith Nisperos is an outside hitter from Ateneo De Manila University Lady Eagles. Nisperos is 2nd Best Outside Hitter in UAAP Season 84 and Leading the Katipunan Squad in UAAP Season 85. Faith Nisperos is a fantastic female volleyball player from the Philippines. Nisperos has made a huge impact in the volleyball world due to her amazing talent and adaptability on the floor. She has continuously demonstrated her abilities in many contests, thanks to her tremendous spikes, outstanding defensive skills, and exceptional court presence. Nisperos’ determination, hard effort, and dedication have propelled her to extraordinary milestones in her volleyball career. As a rising star, she continues to inspire young players with her skill set and is a bright figure in the future of Philippine volleyball

4. Michaela Belen

Photo Credit: ABS-CBN News

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Michaela Belen is an outside hitter from the National University Lady Bulldogs. Unlike Canino, Belen is also a Rookie-MVP in UAAP season 84. Belen is also the 1st best outside hitter and also the best server in that season. Michaela Belen has been unstoppable in scoring in every department. In UAAP season 84 National University has dominated the season without any losses to the opponent. Belen is also a great leader on the court leading her team back to the finals in season 85 but they did not get the crown because they lost against De La Salle Lady Spikers in Games 1 and 2. Michaela Belen’s performance has been admirable and inspiring to the people who have been playing volleyball.

5. Louie Romero

Photo Credit: One Sports

Louie Romero is a setter from Adamson University Lady Falcons. Romero has been a good playmaker since she knows how to put the ball to her spikers. She can also create good combination plays and an effective play to win the game. Romero is also a rookie team captain in UAAP seasons 84 and 85. She is also the best setter in the 2022 V-League Women’s Collegiate Challenge.

This is my all-time Favorite Female Volleyball Players in UAAP SEASON 85. This player has been remarkable and unstoppable performance in this season. While watching them playing volleyball, they make me goosebumps. Their every game has been intense and the crowd has been cheering for their Idols in the UAAP.

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