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Meet the woman behind the shapewear brand that empowers new moms

Meet the woman behind the shapewear brand that empowers new moms

New mothers can be at their strongest yet most fragile state after giving birth. Their unbelievable physical strength to bring into the world a whole new life is simply admirable, and that extends to their superhero power to nurture that baby through long days and endless nights. On the other side of things, new moms can also be very fragile, as they’re facing a life-changing new chapter– from changing bodies, new experiences of taking care of a small human being, to dealing with hormonal and emotional changes.

Elaine Huang, the founder of Adam & Eve shapewear, knows the struggles of a new mother all too well. In 2018, she gave birth to her first child, Chloe. And while she totally embraced the new life that comes with being a new mom, she also had to deal with unfamiliar emotional challenges caused by some changes in her physical body. 

Elaine Huang after giving birth

8 weeks after using her Adam & Eve Shapewear

“Just like any other new moms, I was overjoyed when I gave birth to my first bundle of joy, as I was totally filled with overflowing love for my daughter. But I was also new to understanding the changes in my body that comes with giving birth. Just like any other women, I wanted to bounce back to my pre-pregnancy body and feel beautiful and good about myself again,” shared Elaine. 

She researched thoroughly about the best ways to lose the baby weight and learned that a proper diet and exercise are not always enough. She stumbled upon some research that you can lose the baby weight with cosmetic surgeries, but those are not totally safe.

“Going through cosmetic surgeries was unthinkable to me, as it was simply not an option for me. I discovered then that the second best thing to do to lose weight safely is wearing an effective shapewear. So I focused on looking for the best shapewear line in the local market,“ she said. “I felt frustrated and discouraged because I found out that the famous shapewear products available then were too expensive, or too uncomfortable to wear.”

For many months of research, she eventually discovered Italy-based Carvico, the global leader in producing the most effective slimming material in fashion. The highly-coveted material is called The Revolutional Slim by Carvico, a fabric specifically developed for shapewear lingerie. 

The Revolutional Slim by Carvico is a technology-based and top shelf quality fabric, which is rich in active principles such as caffeine, vitamin E, retinol, fatty acids, and aloe. The fabric was developed by Carvico, an Italian company established in 1962 and the world’s leader when it comes to producing warp-knit fabrics that stand out for its innovation.  

The Revolutional Slim by Carvico is made of micro-encapsulated NOVAREL Slim Fiber,  which is rich in active principles such as caffeine, vitamin E, retinol, fatty acids, and aloe. The caffeine in the fabric helps in breaking down fats and draining out toxins, along with the other ingredients fatty acids and retinol. Under the light, you will see thousands of honeycomb-like pores responsible for the slimming capabilities of the fabric. 

The fabric also has vitamin E and aloe, which take good care of the covered skin. It also comes with energy stones for proper airflow. With regular use in not less than 8 hours per day, for 8 consecutive weeks, this fabric delivers outstanding results.


When she discovered the amazing power of the fabric called The Revolutional Slim by Carvico from Italy, she knew she had in her hands the best thing that can potentially help her create a product that can truly empower new mothers like her. She tried the effectiveness of the fabric and saw for herself its slimming effects. She decided to produce her own line of high-quality shapewear that can help other new mothers too, as she has envisioned to offer effective and comfortable shaping lingerie at reasonable prices. 

Her product development team spent months and months researching, developing, and producing their own line of effective shapewear using the fabric from Carvico, and that’s how Adam & Eve was born.

“We created Adam & Eve shapewear to truly empower new mothers who are struggling with gaining back their pre-pregnancy bodies. I believe that mothers should also prioritize to take care of themselves too. They need to gain back their healthy self-esteem and confidence, so they can feel good about themselves and function properly as new mothers. And that confidence can sometimes be gained back from feeling good and healthy about their bodies. After all, we are taking care of another human being, so we should first and foremost take care of ourselves,” Elaine said.

Since the birth of Adam & Eve in 2019, Elaine grew her topnotch line with Iya Miranda, a life coach, and a self-care advocate. As a woman of passion, Iya believes in Elaine’s vision too, that when women are comfortable with what they’re wearing and how they look in it, a woman is confident to walk the talk. Confidence can start from within, when a woman feels good about her body.

Iya Miranda


The Adam & Eve shapewear brand takes pride in its 4 major factors: negative ion features, far-infrared, caffeine fabric and energy stone for the proper flow of air. It boasts of not just slimming effects, but overall health benefits like improvement in metabolic system, respiratory system, digestive system, and blood system.

Adam & Eve’s topnotch fabric is breathable, stretchable, and light, giving you comfort as you lose fats from just wearing any Adam & Eve shapewear offerings. Each of the shapewear piece breaks fats into small pieces, prevents fats to stay in one place, spreads out the fats to more desirable areas like the breast and hips, tightens and lifts the butt areas, and reduces unwanted fat rolls. It gives pressure to the pelvic area, as well as upper and lower abdomen area, which aid in contractions as your abdomen returns to pre-pregnancy size.

From slimming technology, boning structure, energy stones, skincare features, and overall health benefits, Adam & Eve is poised to transform the lives of new mothers and women who are looking to lose weight, improve curves, and feel amazing about their bodies. ‘

For online shopping, consultation, and more info, log on to, and follow its pages on Instagram @adamandeveph, and on Facebook at You may also shop at the brand’s Zalora store.

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