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This shapewear brand just launched virtually at the Digital Fashion Week Conversations x Stylista TV

This shapewear brand just launched virtually at the Digital Fashion Week Conversations x Stylista TV

Adam & Eve, the Philippines’ leading shapewear brand, has virtually launched at the Singapore-founded Digital Fashion Week Conversations, in partnership with Stylista TV. The digital event was hosted by actress, model and Miss World Philippines 2018, Katarina Rodriguez. The live segment was moderated by Charina Widjaja, the Singapore-based founder of Digital Fashion Week.

“We are excited to officially introduce Adam & Eve shapewear at the Digital Fashion Week Conversations, a prestigious fashion event organized by Singapore-based Digital Fashion Week and Philippine-based virtual show Stylista TV on Style Visionary Network,” Iya Miranda, Adam & Eve’s Brand Manager shared at the brand’s official virtual launch.

“I am more than happy that Stylista TV host Katarina Rodriguez, a self-care advocate, female-empowerment believer, actress and beauty queen is also part of our amazing virtual launch.”

“Adam & Eve is all about empowering women with its top-of-the-line slimming and shaping undergarments, as our products aid women in losing unhealthy fats, improving curves and ultimately, gaining positive body image and self-esteem,” Iya said. “For almost a year now, Adam & Eve has been patronized by many women through our store on Zalora, and their lives have been touched by the effectiveness of our shapewear brand. Today, we are also launching our very own website, making our brand even more accessible to many women.”

Iya Miranda, Adam & Eve’s Brand Manager

Adam & Eve has empowered women of all body shapes and all kinds of beauty, women with different fashion preferences and fitness goals.

“No matter what your body goals or personal style choices are, Adam & Eve can help you look even better in whatever you are wearing.”

“Of course, with regular use, Adam & Eve shapewear has lasting slimming and shaping effects in your body. Each of our shapewear breaks fats into small pieces, drains outs toxins, prevents fats from staying in one place, spreads out the fats to more desirable areas like breast and hip areas, tightens and lifts the butt area and reduces unwanted fat rolls,” Miranda said. 

“On an instant level, our shapewear is a styling tool that gives your breasts an instant push, while forming your curves in the right places. It lifts the buttocks area for that instant butt lift, and tightens the legs—which makes you look even better in any stylish clothes of your choice,”  she said. “Aside from its slimming and shaping benefits, Adam & Eve shapewear can totally help you in making you look better fashion-wise.”

The segment of Adam &Eve on Stylista TV x Digital Fashion Week Conversations also features the amazing couture creations of international fashion designer Don Cristobal—showcasing that with the right shapewear, you can look even more gorgeous in a couture gown.

“We totally believe that couture confidence can come from within, from feeling genuinely good about your body, and Adam & Eve can be your partner with that,” Iya said. 

“Our undergarment solutions that effectively make sure that flabs are tucked into nice places, and jiggles are managed under your outerwear, making you look good in a couture gown as beautiful as Don Cristobal’s creations.”

The fashion designer is happy to know that his clientele now has access to quality shapewear undergarments. “With Adam & Eve’s shaping solutions and undergarments, women can look and feel better in couture gowns like my creations, and in essence, highlight my creation too as they look good and better on women with those shaping solutions underneath,” Don Cristobal shared.

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In fact, Stylista TV host Katarina Rodriguez is ecstatic to have Adam & Eve on the virtual segment of her show Stylista TV. “I think it is truly amazing when a Filipino clothing brand aims to empower women and improve their self-image, self-esteem and health. It is important that women have the option to lose weight and improve curves in a safe, healthy way, without cosmetic surgeries,” Katarina said.    

Indeed, Adam & Eve is a great shaping solution to improve women’s curves, self-confidence and style looks.

For online shopping, consultation and more info, log on to, and follow its pages on Instagram @adamandeveph, and on Facebook at You may also shop at the brand’s Zalora store:      

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