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Top 3 Munimuni Songs That Will Make You Emotional

Top 3 Munimuni Songs That Will Make You Emotional

The Filipino indie folk band “Munimuni” truly understood the assignment of letting us experience the rollercoaster of emotions with their music. With an exceptional approach to their musicality, you could never escape the hugot feels that their songs give off!

Munimuni is tagged as this generation’s “makata pop band” as they use poetic lyricism in making music. Just as how their artistry overflows are the effortless connection that they build to their listeners. As for me, I really get emotional the moment I listen to any of their songs. I even go back to their oldies but goodies songs and it brings me the same shattered emotion I had the first time I listened to them.

Photo Credit: @qyugmo | Steemit

It was September 2020 when Munimuni announced a hiatus for their band. Nevertheless, for their fans called “Komunidad”, Munimuni’s artistry will always be timeless. Their songs could certainly be considered the top tier among other great indie bands across the country.

To play with our emotions more, here are the top three songs that will surely make you go emotional:

Sa Hindi Pag-alala

Buburahin na sa isip
Ang hugis ng iyong mga mata sa ‘yong pagtawa

Munimuni – Sa Hindi Pag-alala (Lyric Video) | YouTube

Letting someone go with whom we formerly shared the goodness of life would never be easy. Having the urge to let someone go is a huge step to take. This song will let you realize the feeling of giving way to the one you sincerely love. Who would not get sentimental with letting go, right?


Kailan kaya mahahalata
Ang pighati sa ilalim ng iyong mga tawa?

Munimuni – Sa’yo (Lyric Video) | YouTube

Sa’yo is another masterpiece that would bug off the peaceful state of our emotions. It is about appreciation for a person who suddenly left or simply became not part of our life anymore. It gave me the vibe of the irony of pain wherein the ones who hurt us could bring healing to us, too. The deepness of the song and its alluring melody could make anyone else just stare blankly.

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Pahilumin mga sugat,
‘Di ikaw ang iyong nakaraan

Ben&Ben, Munimuni – Ben&Ben – Sugat (feat. Munimuni) | Official Video | YouTube

This song deals with a person’s psychological wounds brought upon by the past. Definitely, this song by Ben&Ben with Munimuni will bring hope to anyone who listens to it. Also, this would give off the chills that would certainly ask ourselves many questions and do more reflections. This will make everyone realize that our experience from the past has corresponding growth and learnings to our lives today.

Munimuni is the best partner for your munimuni moments! So, be sure to add their songs to your emo playlist. I swear you won’t regret it. Thank me later!

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