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Kit Thompson wins top acting prize at 54th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival

Kit Thompson wins top acting prize at 54th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival

Last Sunday, April 25, Kit Thompson bagged the top acting prize in the Panorama Asia category of the 54th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival for his performance in the iWant Original film Belle Douleur.

The 24-year-old actor bested two Japanese actors Hideyuki Kawahara and Yuh Kamiya. They were both recognized for their performances in the movie Sin-Gone Irony.

Kit Thompson’s charming performance in “Belle Douleur.”
It was easy to fall in love with and earned him the Remi award for BEST ACTOR (Panorama Asia) at WorldFest 54!


Meanwhile, Kit’s Belle Douleur co-star Mylene Dizon was nominated for Best Actress. However, she lost to Japan’s Nao Hasegawa, who won for her role in the movie Beautiful Lure.

Belle Douleur revolves around the story of Liz (Mylene), a 45-year-old, single clinical psychologist. She finds herself alone and living a very solitary life once her parents have both passed away. Her friends convince her to downsize, and she does so, putting most of the antiques in her house up for sale online.

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In the process of ‘Marie Kondo’-ing, she meets Josh (Kit), a young and attractive antique dealer and rock musician. Twenty years younger than Liz, Josh is charming and memorable. She finds out that he, too, has been living on his own for years. And, like Liz, Josh has lost family and lives quite a solitary existence.

Their loneliness draws them together, and the two soon begin a whirlwind romance.

The movie marks the directorial debut of long-time film producer Joji Alonso. It premiered in 2019 at the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival, where it won the audience choice award for full-length entries.

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