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K-pop songs that will make you fall in love once again

K-pop songs that will make you fall in love once again

They say high school is one moment of your life wherein you grow and start to develop feelings. Since most teenagers tend to develop their tastes and likes, as well as discovers something new. However, having a crush on your classmate or even batchmates is absolutely relatable. I mean, there’s always that cute guy you will see every day.

It’s not bad having a crush at all. Though, some would often be mindful of their actions and careful of guarding their hearts. Puppy love may fade once we all mature. But, the nostalgia of having feelings for someone has been the most satisfying to have. To ease your lonely day, why not reminisce with these K-pop songs!

Sharing with you my playlist of K-pop songs that will make you fall in love again.

Perhaps Love- Eric Nam, CHEEZE

If you’re confused and hesitant about your feelings. Maybe, this song will ease your feelings. Sometimes, we may feel that we’re not sure of the feelings we have for someone. Or, maybe we’re afraid of what it may lead to. However, loving someone will always be a risk to take.

“I am telling myself, and I feel awkward. ” Is this love? If you feel the same, is it the beginning? My mind keeps telling me I love you.”

2cm-Minseo ft. Paul Kim

Sometimes we may feel that our love is still unclear. But, your feelings will never fool you. Thus, don’t fool yourself too. Have you ever smile while doing some chores without any reason? Nagsasandok ka lang naman ng kanin, bakit ka naka ngiti?  Hmm… love will always find its way not just in your heart but also in your smile.

“I hope you’re mine.

But I’m still afraid to give all my heart.

I like it like it just like this 

Even if it’s still not love.” 

Say Yes- Loco and Punch

The happiest moment of your life is when you have someone by your side. Protecting and loving you at the same time. Love will always have struggles for both of you But, remember that sometimes we should have faith in it.

“There is only one thing I want.

That you’ll be by my side.

That you’ll smile at me, listen to my stories

That is enough for me”

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Starlight- Taeyeon ft DEAN

When someone knocks on your door and you let them in. That’s the time you starts to cherish and appreciate the world. Love will always makes things magical.

“I was used to being alone, my days were gray.

But I remember the day you lightly came to me.

Knocking on my door

You shined on me like a light.”

Try to listen to these K-pop songs and make your day very special!

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