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I admire the members of Team Payaman, here’s why:

I admire the members of Team Payaman, here’s why:

Among other influencers, there’s something I saw in Team Payaman that made me admire them. I love it every time I heard someone talks about how they also like them. This makes my heart warm as I am not the only one who sees their talent and at the same time, their one-of-a-kind friendship.

I admire the members of Team Payaman, here’s why:

Team Payaman invades the internet world since they started their career. The group started on the YouTube vlogger Lincoln Velasquez or known as Cong TV. He started on his own and later on created the group which we now called Team Payaman. YouTube and vlogging which later on became their foundation. They think and produce unique content different from the usual for the viewers. Also, they bring the vibe of Millenials and Gen Z which are mostly the users of the platform. The Pinoy humour, relatable lifestyle, casual life situations, silliness, fun, and freedom which everyone loves to them.

So, as their popularity continues to grow their scope also expands. But it didn’t end on that because their group became bigger. They have their own Team Payamansion which all the creators live and produce videos together. Also, it’s because their hard work, perseverance, teamwork, collaboration, and spirit put them where they are now. Still, together, getting rich not only in money but in talents, skills, and character. This is what I love about them. The living proof of friendship without competition but purely wants everyone to be successful as one.

For this reason, they grab the opportunity to establish the group and marked their name on social media. The exceptional, unique, and real influencer I called is nothing but Team Payaman. How I wish I could meet all of them and take a closer look more at their life.

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However, before they enjoy their winning moments, they also have downfalls. As an influencer, you can’t take away bashers or haters. Team Payaman members also experience and face different issues. Their perfectly imperfect relationship has also been tested. But, seeing them know stronger and living their best life is the most important.

Thus, I am still looking forward to them and continue to support this group. For I know I stan the right people.

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