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Jufel Gomez helps transcend confidence, one wig at a time


Jufel Gomez helps transcend confidence, one wig at a time

Hold on to your hair because the wig culture is making a moment!

At the turn of the 2010s, these stylish tresses have become mainstream media darlings as sported by our favorite icons serving us visuals for days with looks to die for.

While we adore wigs for their color and length, it’s the process of creating one that deserves its own spotlight.

For make-up-artist-turned-wig-maker Jufel Gomez, amassing huge accomplishments at just 21 while being new to wig making is something he didn’t expect.

With a promising career, he aims to not only create stunning wigs but also to use them as symbols of confidence, wearing them like a crown.

Evoked out of inquisitiveness

When asked about how he became a wig connoisseur, Jufel had a very timely response.

After graduating senior high school at the start of the pandemic, he had to put his studies aside to help gain extra income for his family.

As a make-up artist, he was pervasive in an industry where wigs are a common accessory but thought nothing much about it.

“l started to use wigs to incorporate with my makeup… I got my first wig when l was in grade 12. I purchased it just for content.

Well, that purchase proved to be life-changing as his fascination for wigs began during the quarantine period.

“At first, I was not that interested with wigs, with making or modifying them. Come 2020, [during the] pandemic, I was bored at home and I was looking for something to do. I just tried styling wigs out of curiosity.”

Behind the ‘strands’

Through watching tutorial videos on YouTube, soon enough, Jufel was finally ready to put his newfound talent to the test.

Opening his business this April, it grew instantly as he began to book well-known individuals from various fields.

Models like Jachin Manere, beauty queens like Ayn Bernos, and even artists and influencers like Sue Ramirez and Pipay, to name a few, have donned his works.

While he owes it to the recommendations he’s been receiving, more than just the exposure, it’s the quality behind every wig that could best explain his sudden success.

Jufel believes that having patience (he usually takes 2 weeks to 2 months to make a single wig depending on the size) and vision are key in producing the way he creates his pieces.

@jufelgomez17 A perfect hairline for a black lacefront wig ♥️thank you so much for trusting #fyp #foryou #tiktokph #foryourpage ♬ Lo-Fi analog beat – Gloveity

Offering a wide range of services relating to anything faux hair, make sure to check his Facebook wig page for more details.

Make your wig snatched moment

It may not be as publicized compared to other body issues, but hair insecurities are real and is existing.

People may not know this but others wear wigs not because they enjoy it, but it has become a coping mechanism against society’s strict beauty standards.

To wear wigs is to hide one’s imperfections, to be confident but some are ridiculed because of it.

As he gains a large following on social media, particularly in TikTok, Jufel realizes his responsibility to not only promote his business but also to help empower wig users to embrace their kind of beauty.

I’m happy and inspired to create more content for my audience or followers as l want to boost their confidence in wearing wigs … I want them to love their wigs as their own hair.

@jufelgomez17 #fyp #tiktokph #foryourpage #foryou ♬ Halloween Transition trend – ☯︎im your daddy ☯︎

So what’s next for Jufel? He didn’t elaborate but he shared that he will offer services or products unrelated to wigs.

To find out more, follow him on Instagram and stay tuned!

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