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How Margielyn Didal catches everyone’s heart at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

How Margielyn Didal catches everyone’s heart at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

An Olympian who has a heart of GOLD! Margielyn Didal who fell short on an Olympic podium proves that defeat doesn’t hinder us to smile in a competition. The Cebu-native skateboarder finished 7th in the Skateboarding – Women’s Street finals with a score of 7.52.

Despite not getting a medal, Margielyn catches the hearts of everyone with her energy and vibrant spirit. Hence, her overall performance proves that athletes can still enjoy the competition, even if they face defeat. Indeed, Margielyn embodied the definition of sportsmanship.

ICYMI, this 22-years-old Pinay athlete is also a Gold medalist in the 2018 Asian Games. Aside from that, she is also included in Time Magazine‘s Most Influential Teens in 2018. Then, she also received a Gold Medal in the 2019 Sea Games.

Nevertheless, her Olympic spirit and, of course, her smile make everyone feel proud of her. During the competition, she never fails to clap for her opponents and cheers for them. She also entertains the crowd with her bright and retable personality. To complete the mood here are some moments to look at during her competition.

Six Iconic Margielyn Didal Moments During The 2020 Tokyo Olympics

That worthy smile at the side though! She’s not shy to smile in the camera. This photo of her reaches Brazil and everyone giggles at her bright personality.

Even Tokyo 2020 acknowledges her thumbs up as “Margielyn Didal seal approval”. Pinoy pride!


A peace sign will never go wrong especially if you photobomb a moment. She never fails to flash her bright smile on the camera.

Twitter | @liviamaiolino


















She tells us to enjoy every moment of life. To achieve that don’t hesitate to flash that smile and flex the vibe of the Olympic spirit.

This one’s the best and hilarious as well. Her caption upon meeting the legendary Tony Hawk is one of a kind. Especially since everyone knows that Tony Hawk has talked about being mistaken for other people, aside from himself.

Last but not least! Cheering other’s winning moments proves that she’s more than an athlete. She really embodies the essence of sportsmanship.

AFP | Jeff Pachoud


















The epitome of Sportsmanship with Olympic Spirit, that’s how I describe her. She catches everyone’s heart with her smile. WE’RE PROUD OF YOU, MARGIELYN DIDAL!


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