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How Lipa’s Log House became a home away from home

How Lipa’s Log House became a home away from home

The work-from-home setup really takes a toll on our mental and physical health. Working long hours in front of the screen can tire your mind and body, that sometimes a trip to the shower or kitchen isn’t enough anymore. A change of scenery is what we need, something the Log House Farm Resort in Lipa, Batangas, can give!

Log House Farm Resort Facade

Of Greens and Peace

Log House boasts a quiet environment surrounded by a variety of greenery. Its maze-like structure gives you a sense of adventure—the perfect way to unwind and calm your senses.

Areas in Log House Farm Resort that boasts its greenery.

Safe and sound, and safe again!

You must fill in all your information and present your vaccination cards before entering the resort, however. This precaution ensures that everyone who enters the premises is COVID-19 free.

Log House Farm Resort entrance.

Aside from that, they offer exclusive areas for a large number of people as well. In our case, we chose a bungalow with three rooms, a large sala, a dining area, a kitchen, and a small breakfast nook. The place is made of pure wood—giving nostalgic, peaceful, and cozy feels.

A bungalow purely made from wood.

Unfortunately, the place does not offer food. The management decided to close their canteen due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They haven’t opened them since.

You are free to bring any food. You can order food from food delivery services as well.

There’s something in the water.

Yes, it’s us. We can’t just ignore the pool. It has been so long since we swam after all.

Log House offers exclusive pools to its customers. They will be recommending the swimming pool nearest to your area for convenience.

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And if you get tired of the pool, you can always walk around again. Nature is at your beck and call.

Swimming Area.

Log House Farm Resort is a good choice if you plan to go on a weekend getaway with your family and friends. In my family’s case, we felt refreshed and relaxed—something we haven’t felt for a long time.

If you’re curious and interested, they are available for ocular visits.

Check out their Facebook page for more information!

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