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HOT TAKE: George Shouldn’t Get Back with Primo in ‘The Hows of Us’

HOT TAKE: George Shouldn’t Get Back with Primo in ‘The Hows of Us’

The Hows of Us was surely a blockbuster hit and it took its audiences on an emotional roller coaster. Witnessing the tumultuous relationship between George (Kathryn Bernardo) and Primo (Daniel Padilla) caused a great divide among the viewers. Should George get back with Primo? While fans were left hanging with a glimmer of hope for their reunion, here’s a hot take: George shouldn’t get back with Primo. 

HOT TAKE: George Shouldn’t Get Back with Primo in ‘The Hows of Us’

Before you throw your popcorn at the screen, let’s dive into the reasons behind this controversial stance.  Yes, Primo and George shared some beautiful moments, and their chemistry was undeniably electric. Their love story struck a chord with audiences, causing hearts to flutter and tears to flow. However, true love isn’t solely defined by chemistry and the fleeting moments of passion.

The Glaring Incompatibility: Passion vs. Practicality

One of the main issues with Primo and George’s relationship is their glaring incompatibility. While they may have had a magnetic attraction, they were like oil and water when it came to their goals and aspirations. Primo was a dreamer. He is an artist with a burning desire to leave a lasting impact on the world through his music and crafts. George on the other hand was more practical. She is focused on stability and the comforts of a conventional life. 

While this may seem simple at the onset of their relationship, their conflicting visions for the future caused constant friction and disappointment. Primo’s relentless pursuit of his dreams clashed with George’s desire for a stable and settled life. It is crucial for partners to support each other’s ambitions. But when the fundamental paths they once envision diverge, compromise becomes increasingly difficult. 

No amount of love can bridge the gap between two individuals who want fundamentally different things in life. 

Toxic Nature of their Relationship

Audiences should not overlook the toxic nature of the relationship between George and Primo. Throughout the movie, we witnessed moments of emotional manipulation, jealousy, and explosive fights. While it is true that love can be passionate, it should also be rooted in respect, trust, and a healthy dynamic. And honestly speaking, Primo and George often fell short in these areas. Resorting to hurtful words and actions that left scars on their relationship. 

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The Necessary Break-Up

Breaking up was a pivotal moment for Primo and George to grow individually and discover their own identities. They needed the space to explore their dreams and priorities. Without being hindered by the weight of an incompatible relationship. Sometimes, love means letting go and giving each other the freedom to become the best version of themselves. 

Love Don’t Conquer All

In a world where romantic films often portray the idea that love conquers all, “The Hows of Us” dares to challenge that notion. It reminds us that sometimes, the most courageous act of love is walking away and recognizing that the relationship may not be healthy or fulfilling. 

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