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Hello Stranger The Movie teaser trailer is giving us all the feels

Hello Stranger The Movie teaser trailer is giving us all the feels

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Back in June 2020, everyone was stuck at home. But then, an unlikely Boys’ Love webseries aired on YouTube. Released at a time when the Philippine brand of BL genre was still very fresh, Hello Stranger brought so much kilig to its viewers.

Two strangers meet online and start off on the wrong foot. By a struck of fate, they end up as partners for a school project. In the end, their lives change, and they both start falling for each other.

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The show has a fairly simple plot. Although, the subtle but intense chemistry between its leads make the story so captivating. JC Alacantara (as Mico) and two-time Village Pipol Magazine cover artist Tony Labrusca (as Xavier) deliver two smitten individuals so well that you wouldn’t realize that this was their first time working together. As a matter of fact, their first script reading and interactions prior to filming the show were all done via Zoom.

Hello Stranger The Movie kiligCourtesy of Black Sheep

Additionally, Hello Stranger has engaging supporting characters that make it more grounded as a Filipino show. It even features ideas of self-love, acceptance, and a barkada‘s selfless love.

The series also prominently uses the virtual meeting structure, which many students and professionals can relate to because of the new norm — distanced learning and remote work. It definitely is a new Filipino-branded BL series.


Hello Stranger The Movie will be the 1st Philippine Boys’ Love property to cross over as a full-length movie. Banking on the success of the 8-episode series, the movie is produced by Black Sheep and will feature the same creative team.

While the webseries was directed by Petersen Vargas, the movie is now helmed by Dwein Baltazar. She’s a constant collaborator for Black Sheep, and has written and directed works like Gusto Kita With All My HypothalamusOda Sa WalaMamay Umay, and Open.

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Will a different direction benefit Hello Stranger? We truly hope so. Who the screenwriter for the movie is still unclear, but Vargas’ approach with using silence to intensify emotions in his projects has always been a stand-out. We definitely felt the longingness in Xavier and Mico’s virtual stares in the series. However, Baltazar’s experience with layered characters caught in unique circumstances does look promising. We’re excited to see Xavier and Mico’s blooming relationship through her eyes.


Moreover, Hello Stranger The Movie could very well be the first BL property to be released by a mainstream film outlet on Valentine’s week. The showrunners certainly heard our cries. Saying that the series finale was bitin is an understatement. Are you ready?

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A definite treat for BL lovers, Hello Stranger The Movie will also be a good barkada movie too. We can now see the Young Padawans in full glory. Unlike in the series where their only screen time as a barkada have been pure virtual, the movie will now have them together in person for a school-related outing. Tensions rise as new characters are included in the cast. Xavier and Mico’s world can’t get any bigger (and smaller) at the same time.

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Who here isn’t excited to see Miss Tina Moran again? The sequel won’t be complete without Xavier and Mico’s ever-supportive teacher. We can’t get enough of more Tina Moran scenes with the two boys, and so should you! Can we get a “woah”?

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The teaser trailer gave us the feels, and we just can’t wait for the movie anymore. All we ever wanted was for Xavier and Mico to be together, and we’re finally getting it really soon. Hold on to your feelings, ladies and gentlemen. We’re expecting a feel good ride care of Hello Stranger The Movie this February 12th. Don’t be strangers now!

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