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Gilas Pilipinas Heartthrobs Who Got Our Hearts in the Basket!

Gilas Pilipinas Heartthrobs Who Got Our Hearts in the Basket!

Gilas Pilipinas has been making waves at the 2023 FIBA World Cup because of their skills as athletes. But the team has been trending on social media for a different reason!

It is no doubt that the Gilas Pilipinas players have what it takes to represent the Philippines with their basketball moves. But, aside from that, they also captured our hearts with every shoot and save!

Here are the team’s heartthrobs who got our hearts in the basket!

Kai Sotto

Kai Sotto, a boasting 7’1-foot-tall, dunked in our hearts with his amazing skills and manly aura!

Even being only 20 years old, Kai Sotto has shown us what his determination to be at the top and we all are witnessing it!

Aside from all his strength in basketball, who wouldn’t want to take a good second look at his long legs and striking appeal? I know we all would!

Let’s support Kai with his future endeavors being one of our Gilas Pilas heartthrobs.

Dwight Ramos

Saint Dwight, of course, will always be part of the list!

His charisma and killer moves are one of the things that we admire from him and there’s a lot more to know about Dwight Ramos.

Aside from being a great player on the court, he’s a great romantic as well! We’ve all seen how he’s genuinely happy with Kim Kianna Dy and all the kilig vibes are there!

Let’s support Dwight and his relationships as well. Go, Gilas!

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CJ Oftana

Whose day wouldn’t brighten as we see the wide smiles of CJ Oftana?

He’s one of the guys in Gilas Pilipinas who widely smiles and emits a glowing vibe and we are all in awe of him!

Of course, a guy like CJ Oftana has a girlfriend! Like Dwight, CJ often flexes his girl on his social media accounts and we are falling in love too!

Let’s support CJ and the rest of the team!

Photo Credits to: FIBA Basketball

What about you? Which Gilas Pilipinas player are you crushing on? Share it with us!

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