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Get the Celebrity Look! Find the Perfect Graduation Outfit with Affordable Filipiniana Dupes

Get the Celebrity Look! Find the Perfect Graduation Outfit with Affordable Filipiniana Dupes

It is almost the end of the road. After putting in all the time and effort, the next step is the stage and earning your degree at long last. The camera flashes. The videos roll. The graduation draws near. Is your outfit ready for one of the most important days of your life? Here are bargain modernized Filipiniana outfits for upcoming graduates.

Flaunt your success with your look. Enjoy the last few moments of your college life feeling like a celebrity.

The Filipiniana

The Filipiniana is a traditional outfit dubbed as the national dress of the Philippines. The Barong Warehouse defines Filipiniana as an umbrella term for any piece of clothing or combination of clothing traditionally worn by Filipino women. It is known for its oversized puffy butterfly sleeves on a blouse, also called a baro or camisa, worn with a long skirt or saya, and pañuelo, or a piece of fabric used as a head covering or scarf on the neck to complete the look.

This traditional feminine piece still conforms to the main fashion trends. As we witness how fashion evolves, we still look back to our past with a nostalgic appreciation of history and style. The Filipiniana is a classic staple in every Filipina’s closet. Most especially befitting for a formal event.

Vintage Passion

Photo | @cathygonzaga

Rock the same dress as Alex Gonzaga and enrich your graduation with a touch of your culture by wearing a vintage style of Filipiniana with puff sleeves and a classically tailored silhouette that holds structure and compliments the body.

The Filipiniana gradually spread across the Philippines before the end of the 17th century. This modernization takes couples from the pañuelo and saya, which became dominant during the early 18th century. A classic and elegant look suitable for you.

Boho Spice Girl

Photo | @maja

A cheekier twist is a sexy square neck modern Filipiniana with sleeves. Take a pop of color with Maja Salvador’s pick. You can also lean into your Boho chic era with gold jewelry, brown shoes, and accessories. Embrace edgy and neutrals. To its respective utmost style, this follows the 1960s take on the contemporary style and cut emerging from British pop culture.

Black Velvet Baddie

Photo | @iamhearte

Another innovative design that follows the significant influence of Spanish colonizers is this black velvet formal dress from Heart Evangelista. Get trendy with couture and maybe match the look with boots like Heart.

The intriguing velvet cloth matches today’s tide and continues a regal Filipiniana form. The nod to Western design is invoked by the ideals of fashion called the Maria Clara, after Jose Rizal’s heroine. It embodies beauty and being badass. The perfect pop to show off your achievements before and after the commencement.

El Moderno Mestiza

Photo | @appartment8littlemiss

If you want to take it up a notch and choose something a bit closer to the modern and local aesthetic of Filipiniana. The formal Filipiniana with its slit is an infamous dress style worn among today’s celebrities in varying colors. You are in luck if you are an Andrea Brillantes fan who wants to dress like their idol.

The cut and length of the dress elongate the legs and gives all features and body types an iconic Filipino style. Complete the fit with heels or be a daredevil for comfort in a long dress and sneakers 2000s combo.  

This modern Filipiniana is close to “Traje De Mestiza” or the Filipiniana version after the American colonization. The recent version emphasizes a shapely bodice and fitted silhouette with a narrow skirt—a literal flashback that never gets old.

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Filipiniana Jumpsuit

Photo | @vintagallery @yassipressman

Who would have thought of pants and butterfly sleeves as a Filipiniana version back then?

Well, now it is here. A bold choice for your graduation is a top-tier Filipiniana jumpsuit. Yassi Pressman establishes her style with a white ensemble with peeks of gold for the accessories. You could go for this sleek combination and add colors through accessories. Another innovation of jumpsuits is the availability of pockets. Convenient for your essentials during the ceremony. 

The Hispanicized baro remains, but the saya gets replaced with a pair of long flowy pants that adds length to the wearer. At the same time, it remains true to the beauty and heritage of the terno. Moreover, it spices things up—ready for the day of the ceremony and afterparty as you rock the formal and freestyle comfort of a jumpsuit like a boss.


Photo | @pepalerts

The fashion-forward and artistic way incorporated into Filipinianas paved new stylistic evolution and built new constructs that both stayed and lived off traditionally as we know the national dress and traditional Filipino men’s outfit.

The Barong Tagalog also referred to as Barong, is known to be an embroidered long-sleeved made from hand-sewn pineapple fiber.

The creation of the so-called Lady Barong modernized and pulled a new method for the baro or upper garment. The Lady Barong is a lengthened Barong stylized as a dress. Creates the option of keeping the butterfly puff sleeves intact or forfeiting them for a closer Barong Tagalog fashion. You can also choose to match as a couple resembling Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes. Share the memories with your loved one and pick embroideries according to your liking as a power couple.

Toss the cap and stun the crowd on your graduation day with the pride of a graceful and fearless Filipina. Raise the flag high and be proud of your heritage and your accomplishments. May your graduation be your boost for the upcoming challenges ahead like the Filipianiana that is ever-changing and flexible to new challenges and tomorrows of today. And don’t forget you are a star even if you’re on a budget. 

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