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Fancy a Bali-like vacation? Try San Rafael River Adventure

Fancy a Bali-like vacation? Try San Rafael River Adventure

Listing all the reasons why so many people have fallen in love with Bali would take all day. No wonder this place is one of the top tourist destinations last 2018. But with the ongoing travel restrictions, there’s no way we can travel there soon. That’s why we’re excited to share you this Bali-like paradise that’s just a few hours away from Metro Manila!

Photo from Byahero si Bes

A paradise for de-stressing near the city

We’re talking about the San Rafael River Adventure in Bulacan, a place to soak in the sun, water, and nature. With its rustic appeal, you might prefer this over those expensive Bali resorts. It has a similar island paradise with homey wooden structures,  elegant stone walkways, and infinity pools overlooking the river.

Photo from Byahero si Bes

Aside from the relaxing scenery, the guest can enjoy activities related to water such as “boating, jet skiing, kayaking, paddleboarding, banana boating, wakeboarding, and fishing while aboard the kubo raft.” These river adventures will really add joy to your and your family’s vacation.

Photo from Spot.PH

Moreover, this lovely place also highlights unique and sophisticated accommodations that really looks great on photos. For example, the glass cottages evoke a feeling of romance and serenity that is perfect for couples.

All of its accommodations include the use of a griller, infinity, floating pool, and 1-hour use of Kayak or Paddle Board. You’ll also get a free breakfast when you book an overnight stay.

Photo from Byahero si Bes

To get there, a blogger named Jomar Almeda suggested riding a bus if you’re from Manila and do not have a car. From Cubao, there’s a bus going to Baliwag Bulacan that you can ride. Upon arrival at the terminal in Baliwag, just ride a tricycle and tell the [driver to] drop you off at the resort.

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If you’re still not convinced to try this resort, you might want to go on a virtual tour by clicking here.

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