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Enchanta: Filipino language in another dimension

Enchanta: Filipino language in another dimension

We dedicate the month of August to celebrate our national language in the Philippines, Filipino. By this time, we get introduced to various languages across the country as well. But we got another one that lives among the Filipino tongues in the world of encantados and encantadas, the Enchanta.

It’s a language from the legendary Filipino fantasy series Encantadia. It tells us a story of adventure of families that defend themselves for power and keep the elemental gems safe. Since its airing, Filipinos were blessed with another language from a different Filipino universe.

Here are Enchanta words to learn just in case you venture into their dimension!

Ada means mother

Of all the figures in this fantasy series, the mothers portray the biggest and most significant roles. You can see mothers from the top of the royal hierarchies down to the simplest of homes in the human world. Minea, the Queen of Encantadia plays an essential role in the story, especially for being the ada of Sang’gres that eventually became the guardians of the elemental gems. She’s loving, warm, and caring just like any other ada.

Ishno means father

Although considered as one of the main antagonists in Encantadia, Hagorn, the King of Hathoria remains a significant paternal figure in the story. To him, Minea conceived a child and named her Pirena, who later on became a Sang’gre and guardian of the fire gem. Undeniably, Hagorn exhibits extreme masculinity with his decisions and actions. On the other hand, his paternal instincts reveal his soft side for his children, although he didn’t want it obvious. This ishno acts fierce but loves fiercer -just in a very strange way.

Apwe means sibling

The fantasy galore of Encantadia revolved around the lives of the Sang’gres, the children of Minea. They served as the guardians of the elemental gems. Amihan holds the air gem; Danaya for earth; Alena for water; and Pirena guards the fire gem. And true to their powers, came responsibilities on their shoulders that made the story turn upside down among them. Conflicts rose and relationships were put into risks, but love remained still. They’re apwes after all.

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Adea means child

The feud, love, and venture -literally, the whole story continues with the younger generation of encantados. The children took on the consequences of the elders’ acts. Among the few offspring generation were Lira, the daughter of Amihan and Mira whose mother is Pirena. These adeas of sang’gres went into unfamiliar hurdles brought by the generations before them. They were born with complicated fortunes written in palms of their hands. Truly, the consequences of our actions bear its fruits maybe not in our time, but by the moment our adeas are born.

Encantadia continues

As I dived into these Enchanta terminologies for family, I can’t help but think of the excitement there is in looking forward to another series of fantasy with this show. Before we welcomed August this year, Director Mark Reyes dropped a surprise for Encantadia fans. He teased an update on the new season of this fantasy series, to be called Sang’gre: Encantadia Chronicles. Moreover, they release a concept art for this project during the San Diego Comic-Com, which featured Bianca Umali, wearing ang battle costume.

Enchanta is just among the many ways to present how rich and powerful the Filipino language is. It reminds us to continue exploring and empowering the language of our tongues until we reach another Filipino dimension.

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