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Emma Watson for Prada Paradoxe: Challenging femininity norms

Emma Watson for Prada Paradoxe: Challenging femininity norms

Emma Watson stars and makes her directorial debut in the Prada Paradoxe ad’. Let’s delve deep into Emma’s mind as she yet again rewrites the codes of femininity.

From being out of the public eye to now fronting the Prada Beauty campaign. It seems that she’s back on the scene blessing us with her beauty, and grace and inspiring the world with how multifaceted she is. Earlier this year, she notably appeared in the fashion scene particularly on a street in Paris on her way to the Schiaparelli show. Donning one of the statement pieces from Schiaparelli SS/22, paired with laid-back jeans and Chelsea boots. She also had her fans swooning over her long bob hair with curtains bangs, setting another hairstyle trend of the year.

Fast forward to August, The fans are absolutely glad to see Watson on screen again. As she debuts as the new face of Prada Beauty campaign. This time, she sports a chic pixie cut, and again her fans totally love it! Prada taps the actress to star in their Fragrance campaign ad that embodies a woman being intricately beautiful.

Even before, Emma had always been vocal and fearless in standing up for women’s rights and liberation. She always pushes for the empowerment of every young woman. Changing the collective views on the women’s liberation movement and why it is relevant. A perfect star for this campaign!

Photo Courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue

Not only did Emma Watson delivers her timeless fresh-faced beauty and visuals, but she also wholeheartedly worked on this film. From envisioning the concept and story to directing and bringing it to life. This is how the 34-year-old actress/activist becomes boundless in her craft.

Emma on her directorial job

I’m not waiting for anyone’s permission to tell me I’m good enough, I love telling stories, [and] I think I’m good at it.

Emma Watson

Meanwhile, Emma shared that no one offered her to direct the film. But she knew she wanted to do it. She believes in her ability to tell a beautiful story and not wait for anyone to validate her capability in pulling it off.

Emma sets herself as the bar when it comes to being a Muse or an ambassador of an eponymous brand. Prada Beauty shared in a press release; that Emma taking both roles behind and in front of the camera is an empowering celebration of a living paradox. From envisioning the film and writing the script. To directing and narrating her story. An archetype of a woman reshaping the norms to represent her true self.

Paradoxe Film by Prada

Furthermore, the film features myriad unique elements of every woman. Why should I be framed? The boxes are always too small! these are the words at the beginning of the film. Emma yearns to be more, powerful, interesting, and dynamic, rather than, just being framed in boxes. She epitomizes a character that offers countless possibilities of being empowered. Unapologetically complex yet beautiful in her unique way.

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Undoubtedly, Prada just made the best choice of tapping the multihyphenate star to be the face of the brand’s revolutionary women’s fragrance. A campaign that empowers women of today. And a campaign that promotes and improves sustainability practices.

Emma Watson is a living paradox, and you too can be
a living beautiful paradox!

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