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Dubai-based designer Jordan ‘Sussykween’ Magno expresses creativity through vlogs

Dubai-based designer Jordan ‘Sussykween’ Magno expresses creativity through vlogs

The definition of creativity varies from person to person. As a writer, it refers to the word swimming inside my head as emotions flow in rhythmic waves, diluting thoughts flooding a single page. Creativity fills one’s soul, running through their veins, and giving grey people a bit of color. Jordan ‘Sussykween’ Magno holds it, revives it, and caresses it with care. The problem with creativity, however, lies when one does not have an outlet to express it. Without a way to express one’s creativity, she’d feel lost… trapped. Self-expression for her remains a vitality; a life force and energy. 

Dubai-based designer Jordan Magno expresses creativity through vlogs

The way of expressing one’s self varies from person to person. As a writer, it refers to forging a pen out of nothing and conjure words until it runs out of ink. As I’ve said… it varies from person to person. And, Jordan ‘Sussykween’ Magno has a story of incredible perception. She has a unique form of creativity that she expresses through videography. As a concept designer, she feels as if it wasn’t a job. It was a passion that she wanted to pursue for the longest time. She truly lived by the saying, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Satisfaction in profession

Jordan finds the ultimate satisfaction in knowing that she can make her designs come to life. Her designs can be useful for herself and for people who appreciate what she does.

“It is most fulfilling when you see people admire the concept, the works, and the efforts I worked on. Appreciation is vital; it’s like a booster for me. You guys might not know it deeply touches my heart when I see the satisfaction from my clients.”

Aside from satisfaction, challenges also exist in her profession. When working with different clientele, she also has to deal with their aesthetic and ideas. Jordan admits that this part gets difficult and a clash will happen once in a while. 

“I find it a little challenging to lose the argument and just forego my ideas. But, it sometimes helps when you agree to disagree. I cannot just shove my idea and designs to my client if they don’t like them at all. There has to be a thorough discussion and brainstorming before I proceed. I have to understand what they want, how they are, and what they do.”

“Self-expression is as important as self-care.”

Jordan noted that you must have the perseverance to succeed in the industry. She also pointed out that one must have the ability to accept failure and rise above it all. Although being goal-oriented remains a good thing, she believes that accepting failures and rejections comes along the way to reach one’s goal. Accepting defeats is equally important. That way, you can learn from your defeats and focus on the journey. She also acknowledges that expressing one’s self remains vital. Some people express themselves through arts or some sort of creative outlet. 

“I believe self-expression is as important as self-care. We take care of our physical selves. We go on an exercise, take a balanced diet, regularly visit our doctors, and so on. Self-expression is the same thing. Instead of the physical factor, it will be for our mental health. Expressing oneself is mentally nourishing. It serves as a big help in keeping our sanity intact. Not a lot of people are sociable. And, it may sometimes be difficult for them to express themselves through a different mode other than their creativity.”

Inspiring others through art.

She knew that inspiring others through her art remains one of the most challenging things to do. She tells us how important it is for her to motivate others through her craft. 

“If I’m able to motivate others through my craft; then they have motivated me not to lose track and to strive more. It is simply empowering each other through our platforms. Aside from that, it is always important to motivate, support, and uplift each other… It is a very humane thing to do. Let’s normalize motivating each other rather than finding faults and dragging them down.”

Jordan ‘Sussykween’ Magno shares positivity through vlogging.

Initially, Jordan had the wrong viewpoint when she started vlogging. At first, she thought about how nice it would be to have a name out there, to have fame, and to be recognized wherever you go. She didn’t realize the platform and how huge her audience will be. Although it might be a small audience for others, it was already a huge thing for her. She didn’t realize that she could spread positivity and entertain people. When she started doing so, she realized how happy it makes her feel.

“I am vlogging for those people who never stopped believing in me and what I can do. I am vlogging to inspire others, to share my journey, and to share my blessings as well. And, I am vlogging for my family who fully supported me through and through.”


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Challenges and satisfaction behind vlogging

Editing videos and juggling her time with vlogging as her creative outlet and concept designing as her full-time profession become a challenge to her. However, receiving positive comments and feedback from her followers gives her ultimate satisfaction. She could recall a time when she wanted to quit and give up. And her fans, her Sussykorns, don’t let it happen. And, she truly appreciates it. 

“It’s nice to know that somehow, somewhere, I can inspire people and that I can impart my blessings to them. My message for all of you is to always strive and work hard but never forget to look back and give back to those who never turned their backs on you when you needed them. Let your success be the success of those people who loves you unconditionally. Face all challenges head-on and do not forget to seek the word of God.”

You can follow her on social media at Facebook Page: Sussykween IG: sussykween YouTube: Jordan ‘Sussykween’ Magno Twitter: sussykween

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