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Discover Your Ideal Healthy Diet with Our Filipino Dietitian

Discover Your Ideal Healthy Diet with Our Filipino Dietitian

Jo Sebastian

Introducing Jo Sebastian, a Filipino dietitian who wants to transform your relationship with healthy eating. With a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for nutrition, Jo is here to guide you on a journey towards healthier, and more enjoyable meal time!

Discover Your Ideal Healthy Diet with Our Filipino Dietitian

Whoever said that eating healthy had to be dull and tasteless? Well, with the help of our registered nutritionist, savoring delicious meals while maintaining a balanced diet becomes entirely feasible. The key lies in mindful portion control of our body’s basic nutritional needs.

Of course, maintaining an active lifestyle, staying well-hydrated, and fostering a healthy mindset are essential aspects of well-being. However, the majority of our overall health is heavily influenced by our eating habits.

As per her expert advice, it’s essential to ensure our daily diet includes the appropriate balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. This balance is crucial for sustaining the essential nutrients our bodies need as these perform their functions.

Carbohydrates serve as the primary source of energy for our bodies.

Certainly, for us Filipinos, rice holds a special place as a staple food, making it an excellent source of carbohydrates. Hence, incorporating rice into our diet poses no issue.

You also have the flexibility to choose from a range of rice meals that align with your taste, whether it’s fried or plain/steamed—echoing her sentiment: “rice is life.”

Proteins serve as our body’s building blocks essential for the growth, repair, and maintenance of our tissues.

Incorporating proteins into our daily meals is a beneficial dietary choice. This is where you can have fun and customize your meat meals according to your liking. You can choose from options like pork, fish, chicken, and beef, all of which are great sources of protein!

Here’s your opportunity to prepare your favorite dishes, whether it’s sweet and sour, marinated, or any other style you prefer. Jo even indulges our cravings by sharing her own take on enjoying our favorite meals, including food delivery options!

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Lastly, including fiber in our daily meals is essential for our digestive health.

Add some greens, and enjoy your veggies. These foods facilitate the breakdown of our meals within our body, aiding in the efficient distribution of nutrients from other foods we’ve consumed.

Moreover, this not only supports our metabolism but also assists in regulating our blood sugar levels. Just like Jo’s explanation in one of her videos, all foods ultimately convert into sugar. That’s why incorporating vegetables into our meals is crucial. You can experiment with various delicious and nutritious vegetable dishes in this.

See? These three nutrients are the primary essentials our body needs for it to function well. Jo even encourages us to relish our meals and not settle for bland options. Because even flavorful dishes can be healthy when balanced with the right proportions of these nutrients!
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