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National Museum of the Philippines offers Free Yoga For Public

National Museum of the Philippines offers Free Yoga For Public

You can now appreciate art and embrace wellness at the National Museum of the Philippines offers a free yoga class this October.

In celebration of Museum and Galleries Month, they launched the “Yoga at the Museum” for the public. It is with the theme “Exhibits and Reflections: Crafting Opportunities for the New World”

Yoga at the Museum

The program aims to provide amazing experiences that promote wellness and appreciation of art. It also improves well-being through sensory activity which is a combination of art and workout therapy.

If you want to experience it, the classes happen every Wednesday of this month anchoring to its theme. The first session was held on October 4, Wednesday and it was entitled “Halina” which means To Come.

In addition, the session is called AVinyasa class, which is a kind of yoga that coordinates movement and breathing for mind and body connection.


Yoga has great benefits that can improve our well-being. It offers mental and physical benefits for all ages. The doctors recommend especially if you’re going through an illness, chronic condition, or recovering from surgery. It is an integral part of the treatment and healing process.

Here are the following benefits :

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  1. Improves strength, balance, and flexibility
  2. Helps with back pain relief
  3. It can ease arthritis symptoms
  4. Benefits your heart health
  5. It helps you to relax and sleep better
  6. It can give you more energy and brighter moods.


I know you want to experience these amazing benefits, so these are the schedules of yoga class sessions at the National Museum of the Philippines.

  • Bunyi Class on October 11
  • Manatili Class on October 18
  • Pagbabago Class on October 25

The class will be taught by a registered yoga instructor, Allan Enriquez. He has been teaching regular classes online and in person. This program is free of charge with limited slots for 20 participants per session.

You can register through the Google form posted on the official FB page of the National Museum.

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