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Classic Barbie Movies that Raised Every Material Girl

Classic Barbie Movies that Raised Every Material Girl

Barbie introduced us to the material girl lifestyle. She is our generation’s example of what it is like to be a material girl: having the desire to triumph over difficulties while looking fabulous. So, in celebration of Barbie movies being put on Netflix, here is a list of classic Barbie movies that made us want to live that extra life today.

Barbie as Rapunzel (2002)

Barbie as Rapunzel is undoubtedly the crowd’s favorite Barbie movie in the franchise. This follows the story of Rapunzel, as told by Barbie, and the hardships she had to face because of Gothel, the witch that imprisoned her. Since Barbie as Rapunzel is one of the first Barbie movies that was released, the animation is not as polished as opposed to the succeeding movies. Despite this, the movie still did not fail to appeal to our material girl senses. I mean, how could you not wish for a magical brush that could instantly paint your outfits after you are done watching this movie?

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Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper (2004)

Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper also became a recent crowd favorite. Thanks to the nostalgic Millenials and Gen Zs turning the movie’s iconic song, “I Am A Girl Like You,” into meme material. The Princess and the Pauper follow the story of Anneliese and Erika, two physically-identical ladies who are living very opposite life. This movie mirrors precisely the core of a material girl lifestyle – striving to live a life that would fulfill your heart’s desire.

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Barbie and the Diamond Castle (2008)

Barbie and the Diamond Castle follows Liana and Alexa and their journey to find and protect the enchanted Diamond Castle. A perfect mix of lessons about friendship and magic is what this movie offers. Barbie and the Diamond Castle is probably the most magical movie in the Barbie cinematic universe. It has a magical mirror, a magical song, a magical necklace, and magical musical instruments – all things magic! And guess what is better than luxurious material things – fascinating magical things!

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A Fashion Fairytale (2010)

What is being a material girl if it’s not about sparkly and shiny things? And nothing features sparkly and shiny more than A Fashion Fairytale. A Fashion Fairytale follows the story of Barbie as she escapes to Paris and visits her Aunt Milicent, who runs a fashion boutique. There she met three flairies who helped her save Aunt Milicent’s failing business. Aside from the sparkly and shiny dresses in this movie, it also inspired us to believe in ourselves and let our own sparkle shine!

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Barbie Princess Charm School (2011)

Barbie Princess Charm School is probably where our royalty dreams started. This movie follows Blair Willows, who received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend the school for royals, Princess Charm School. There she discovers different legends about her hometown Gardania, and its royal clan. With one legend set to change her life forever. Blair taught us that being a princess is much more than a crown; it is about being kind and adhering to your responsibilities. (We still want that crown, though.)

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So, if you are feeling nostalgic or you just want to reignite your material girl instincts with all things magical and sparkly, go forth, relive that childhood, and rewatch these Barbie movies that made you that extra you that you are today.

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