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Barbiecore, how can you channel this aesthetic?

Barbiecore, how can you channel this aesthetic?

I don’t know about you. But, recently, I’ve seen outfits everywhere that subscribe to the Barbiecore aesthetic. Pink-on-pink-on-pink outfits are seen on TikTok, the red carpet, and movie screens among others. The trend went around after Pierpaolo Piccioli released the Valentino Pink collection. The designer sent 48 electric Fuschia pieces down a glossy pink runway during Paris Fashion Week. Then, after that — everyone started to step out in fierce fuchsia looks from the monochromatic collection. 

Of course, Margot Robbie’s upcoming live-action Barbie movie has also nudged the pink movement one step further. Photos of her outfits, alongside her own version of Ken, have leaked to social media. Not only did it excite Barbie fans, but it has also started to go hand-in-hand in the usual girlie fashion. Aside from the Valentino Pink collection and upcoming live-action Barbie movie, people have started replicating the aesthetic and styling it in their own way. 

What is Barbiecore?

According to the Aesthetics Wiki, Barbiecore is a girly aesthetic inspired by the Mattel fashion doll Barbie. However, it has started to become more jaded and more adult much like its older sister aesthetic called Bubblegum Bitch. Barbiecore has also included girly 2000 live-action television series and movies like Lizzie McGuire, Hannah Montana, Clueless, Legally Blonde, and Mean Girls among others. 

Think back to the nineties and early noughties, Barbiecore basically becomes reminiscent of the hot pink became the height of fashion. And, when it comes to the style, we look at the doll in question. Barbie’s character has a sleek sense of fashion, adapting to trends while putting her signature spin on them. Barbiecore looks all things girly, cute, sometimes sexy, and, of course, pink. 

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So, how do you style your clothes accordingly to the Barbiecore aesthetic? Well, look no further as we list down a few samples just for you to wear!

lounging at home

casual look for an errand day

back to school


first date vibes

fancy dinner with the beau

brunch with the girls

going to an event

camping getaway

let’s go to the beach-beach!

So, are you ready to replicate this aesthetic and live in a Barbie world?

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