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Cindy Faye Obeñita wins crown and title of Miss Intercontinental 2021

Cindy Faye Obeñita wins crown and title of Miss Intercontinental 2021

Cinderella “Cindy” Faye Obeñita bagged the title of Miss Intercontinental 2021 in Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt.

Cindy is the second Filipina to win the Miss Intercontinental crown after Karen Gallman.

Two days before the pageant, Cindy posted on her Instagram, saying

“Two days into the finals of the [Miss Intercontinental 2018], I believe I am out to conquer the greatest pageant battle of my life.”

She added,

“We call on all Filipinos around the continents to continue supporting this amazing journey.”

The beauty queen received tons of support all throughout her journey up to the moment she was crowned. Her recent Instagram post showed how adaptable and relatable her journey is. Moreover, she represented the Philippines in the best way possible!

An empowering answer

During the question and answer portion, she was asked if speaking English is important for Miss Intercontinental. Here’s her winning answer:

“As an ambassador, I don’t think that speaking a specific language is very important here in Miss Intercontinental or any pageant at all. As long as that woman is a woman of power and grace, commitment, and intelligence, no matter what language she speaks, and that woman is actually a woman of style and substance, then she can win any pageant or any endeavor she is into.”

Furthermore, she said,

“Also, it’s very important, I have learned actually here in Miss Intercontinental, that a woman should possess power of substance. And I believe I am that woman. Because that is the essence of a modern-day Miss Intercontinental. We are living in a world that’s very hard to survive. And as Miss Intercontinental, I would like to be that source of hope; that source of inspiration on the true power of beauty. And that is felt in the kindness of our hearts and definitely in the sincerity of our loving actions.”

Cindy’s answer tailored fit Ms. Intercontinental, a woman of power, grace, and commitment.

We know that her journey during Binibining Pilipinas was not easy. However, her dedication to winning the crown brought her success in representing our country.

Congratulations for bringing another crown to the Philippines and making us proud, Cindy!

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