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Check out Merzy, the trending Korean makeup brand on Shopee Mall!

Check out Merzy, the trending Korean makeup brand on Shopee Mall!

Korean makeup products have recently become popular for everyday or a “no-makeup-makeup” vibe. Aesthetics remain important in Korean beauty, and that stays clear in both the products and their innovative packaging. Merzy has become one of the trending Korean makeup brands available on Shopee Mall. 

Merzy has vanity-worthy lip stains promising a transfer-proof lip color, sun balm, pen eyeliner, shadow palette, and cheek blusher within their Heritage Collection. Aside from that, they also encourage people to join Merzy’s Brand Membership Program to enjoy exclusive benefits, vouchers, and gifts! You can also celebrate your individuality with Merzy and earn and collect points for every purchase. 

Merzy The Heritage Velvet Tint

Available in four colors, this also includes Dragon Rose, Phoenix Red, Tiger Wine, and Tortoise Brick. This also leaves a strong lingering impression on the lips. Heritage colors go the extra mile to grant the color of one’s dreams. It also has a light texture where makeup lovers can experience a soft velvety texture seconds after application. It also remains powerful long-lasting coloring, as if first applied. 

Merzy The Heritage All Day Lip Care Lip Balm

The All-Day Lip Care Lip Balm remains in two shades. Sun Balm lets the shimmer of daybreak trickle into one’s lips with the exquisite shade of brick rose. Moon Balm, on the other hand, remains a subtle coloration of Chili Wine grazed on one’s lips to call for the perfect evening. It makes your lips go the extra mile for a moisturizing layer, moving over the user’s dry and dull lips for a glow-up with a side of dewiness. 

Merzy The Heritage Pen Eyeliner

The pen eyeliner has two different colors: Oreo and Brownie. With the carbon black component, it reaches new heights of looking sharp.

It also has an insane persistence in withstanding external stimuli, oil, and moisture. Aside from that, it draws easily where newbies can effortlessly try it out. 

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Merzy The Heritage Shadow Palette

The shadow palette has a solid but minimal coloring. Aside from that, it also remains sophisticated but anyone can use it on a day-to-day basis. It has two shades. Amber Lotus has a variation of amber shades that complete a calm but atmospheric neutral makeup. Warm Camelia, on the other hand, has the peak of felinity that remains just short of perfection without the warmth of our rose-shaded makeup palette. 

Merzy The Heritage Cheek Blusher

The cheek blusher has three colors: Baby Neutral, Terra Cotta, and Burnt Sienna. It lights up with the melt into the skin experience, capturing the moment of natural liveliness on the cheeks. Aside from that, it also remains a long-lasting blusher made to detail oil or sebum. The silky texture of fine particles creates a clump-free natural color expression. The Baby Neutral has a lovely neutral beige while the Terra Cotta has an exciting brown shade, and the Burnt Sienna takes it easy on the red with a chili shade. 

Want to make the most out of your purchases? 

 Join Merzy’s Brand Membership Program to enjoy exclusive benefits, vouchers, and gifts! Celebrate your individuality with us and earn and collect points for every purchase. Sign up now and get 50 points as a welcome gift! 

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