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Bela Padilla reveals that she has moved to the Big Smoke — London, United Kingdom

Bela Padilla reveals that she has moved to the Big Smoke — London, United Kingdom

Bela Padilla London United Kingdom

Months after she left the Philippines indefinitely, actress Bela Padilla announced that she has officially moved to the Big Smoke, London in the United Kingdom.

Bela Padilla London

Bela’s wonderful news

On November 22, the actress-director shared this exciting news to her fans via her Twitter page. Bela revealed that she wanted to find some “footing” first before announcing this big move to the United Kingdom.

“So, I moved to London a few months ago [and] I tried to find my footing first before sharing what it’s really like. Now, I’m ready to let you (into) my life and tell you more about it!”

Bela flew out of the Philippines earlier this year. Fellow celebrities have sent her well wishes including her friend Dani Barretto.

The actress’ British ancestry

The Camp Sawi actress has family in the United Kingdom. Born with the name of Krista Elyse Sullivan, she is the daughter of Meg Carino of the famous Padilla family and Cornelio Sullivan, who is British.

Bela shared photos of her with the British side of her family in August. The picture included her sisters, niece, and nephew. In succeeding photos also taken in the UK, the star can be seen with her Swiss boyfriend Norman Bay.

Sweet messages with regard to the news

In the said tweet which Bela allowed a few questions she’d reply to, her boyfriend didn’t fail to show some love.

“I’m just happy I get to see a lot more nowadays [flying kiss emoji]”

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Meanwhile, iconic journalist Karen Davila also showed some support by replying,

“Kudos and good for you Bela! Praying for your success!!! GO GIRL!”

As of writing, Bela has not disclosed whether her move was going to be permanent. One thing to note is that she promised she would soon make a video answering questions about her stay in the city.

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