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9 Timeless Designer Bags You Won’t Regret Investing In

9 Timeless Designer Bags You Won’t Regret Investing In


If you’re thinking what’s the designer bag that is surely a good investment for a lifetime, look no further, cause we are giving you a list of bags that you’ll surely never regret investing in.

Well, here’s the thing, bags are surely a good investment in terms of fashion and style, however, we all know some of these will really break your savings. Remember that you’re carrying a piece of art, craftsmanship, and at the same time a piece of history.

So, here are nine timeless pieces for you!

Balenciaga Satchel Bag

Photo from Balenciaga (Pinterest)

Chloé Small Tess

Photo from Chloé (Pinterest)

Dior Saddle

Photo from Dior (Pinterest)

Fendi Baguette 

Photo from Fendi (Pinterest)

Givenchy Antigona 

Photo from Givenchy (Pinterest)

Hermès Birkin

Photo from Hermès (Pinterest)

Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy

Photo from Louis Vuitton (Pinterest)

Prada Re-Edition Nylon

Photo from Prada (Pinterest)

Chanel Flap

Photo from Chanel (Pinterest)

So now, you all have an idea about the bags that are truly timeless. Most of these bags are reinvented and reimagined by the creative directors of each brand.

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