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We just found the perfect oral care for healthier gums

We just found the perfect oral care for healthier gums

The new year brings promises of new beginnings, and everyone wants to make the most of what they have. While it’s important to start over, and do one’s best at work or school, practicing self-care is essential for one’s overall well-being. To live one’s life to the fullest extent this new year, one must take care of one’s physical, mental and emotional health.

One should make time to exercise and eat well even while at home. It is also essential for people to take mental health breaks every once in a while. While social distancing from friends and relatives, everyone can still keep in touch through social media. People should still prioritize their body hygiene despite being indoors most of the time. All these factors play important roles in one’s overall wellness. 

But there’s a factor that’s not always discussed. Most people are focused on having whiter teeth that they take for granted the health of their gums. A lot of Filipinos suffer from poor gum health, which hinders them from making the most out of life. Gum disease is one of the most common infections around the world, and it can lead to serious gum problems such as periodontal diseases and even loss of teeth. Tooth hypersensitivity or pangingilo prevents one from enjoying many types of food, and can be very painful. That is why it is important to use toothpaste specially formulated for the protection of one’s gum health. With Gumtect Toothpaste, everyone can say hello to healthy gums and live life to the fullest.


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Gumtect Toothpaste is the first Filipino gum formula toothpaste professionally accepted by the Philippine Dental Association. They offer two varieties formulated for specific needs: Gumtect Gum Care Toothpaste and Gumtect Sensitive. Gumtect Gum Care Toothpaste is equipped with Gumshield+ Technology, which is specially designed to promote healthier teeth and gums. It also contains ingredients such as Allantoin, which cares for the gums by improving its condition, Vitamin E that moisturizes gums and Triclean, which reduces formation of plaque and shields against harmful mouth bacteria.

Meanwhile, Gumtect Sensitive is packed with Dynamic Desensitizing System, which helps provide relief from tooth sensitivity or pangingilo. It also contains Gumshield+ Technology and Anti Cavity Protection, which ensures fresh breath and strong teeth enamel that is protected from cavities. 

#ProtectWithGumtect and Filipinos can fight gum health problems, and live life to the fullest. Gumtect Gum Care Toothpaste SRP at PHP105.00 for 100ml and PHP33.00 for the 40g tube, while Gumtect Sensitive is available at PHP109.00 for 100ml. Gumtect Toothpastes are available at leading supermarkets, groceries, and drugstores nationwide. 

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