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Trans Woman are Woman: Serving equal rights

Trans Woman are Woman: Serving equal rights

Women’s History Month in March serves as a timely reminder of the progress that has been made. Towards achieving gender equality and empowering women in leadership roles. Honoring the contributions that women have made. To their homes, neighborhoods, and the world at large is the purpose of this month-long celebration. And remembering the times when women overcome incredible odds to bring about positive change. I presume it is just as crucial to recognize our trans woman as a woman. In spite of the fact that they are not adequately safeguard by society. They fought fiercely on behalf of women and children. For everyone to have a safe community.

Trans Woman as Woman
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Trans women’s perseverance in the face of adversity is something to celebrate as well. When asked about her change, Pedro Fabilane, a proud trans woman, said:

“We may not biologically born women but we are women by heart. Being a woman is not about what’s between your legs or give birth , nor a choice. As a trans woman it is about embracing your true self and accepting for who really you are. This may sound cliche but we all just need acceptance and respect.”

This, in Pedro’s view, is due to the fact that trans women are sometimes subject to discrimination. The first is that, due to our gender, they are not allow to use some of the women’s restrooms. Second, some institutions have policies against students having long hair. Last but not least, they often encounter rejection when applying to jobs. This whole ordeal is incredibly distressing for her. As people are just focusing on what gender they have but not on the talent and skill that they can offer. The experience in terms of job was her friend’s job-hunting experience. As she is now happily employ in her field of choice.

“I can say that there’s someone out there that will value your worth and you as a whole.”

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Equality for trans woman
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Though not everyone can share her optimism, she concluded it on a positive note. She told her fellow transwoman that they should stop trying to please everyone and instead prioritize their relationships with those who truly care about them. Respect begets respect. And if some people don’t know how to respect you for who and what you are, being kind and patient will go a long way toward showing them that we still respect and value them. Despite the fact that we are being discriminated against. If there is no longer any respect between you, it is acceptable to excuse yourself from the them.

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To my transwomen family, just hold on and keep chasing your dreams. It may sound and feel hard for us but trust me if you are hardworking and optimistic in life everything will follow. Just be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to come up to your shell. You are a beautiful butterfly so don’t be afraid to spread your wings and fly high and be happy.

Pedro Fabilane
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