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We cheer all women — so here’s Ming Torayno to inspire your inner diva

We cheer all women — so here’s Ming Torayno to inspire your inner diva

In this day and age, Philippine showbiz industry has become more open for LGBTQ+ community, proving that gender is just a label — slowly but surely progressive. Gone are the days when our trans brothers and sisters are deprived of platforms in showcasing their talents and warm heart — luckily, there are brave souls who are willing to step up and make a difference. One of those is Ming Torayano, a Filipina transwoman who graced the Idol stage.

In the first edition of Idol Philippines, Ming just made history as the first transwoman who was placed in women’s category in a TV singing competition.

The 22-year-old singer participated in our 2019 Pride Campaign and shared how proud she is for this big milestone.

Photo from Instagram | @mijaming

“As a transgender woman, I celebrate my courage of not depending on anyone’s validation. When I was placed in the girl’s category on Idol Philippines, I have inspired and empowered the LGBT Community. I gave them hope that there’s a new morning in the horizon for us. I will go down in history as the first transwoman who was placed in the girl’s category in a competition in the Philippines . And for that, I am a CHAMPION in my own way,” she said.

After her Idol PH stint, Ming continuously advocates good causes through social media. In fact, she uses her huge following on Instagram and YouTube to further educate people about transgenders and the rest of LGBTA+ community. Above all, just like any other girl, she courageously shares her struggles in reaching her dreams — and that made her more beautiful.

Take a look!

Oh, our dear Señorita, you look magnificent!

Ming Torayno
Photo from Ming Torayno IG account

Just reminiscing those times when I dreamt of wearing a fancy dress. As a kid, I’ve always wondered how it feels like to wear a skirt. I would even wrap a blanket around me just to mimic a gown. Today, I have the freedom to choose whatever garment I want to wear as a woman.

I just wanted to let you you all know that it feels great to be free. It feels great to be able to show the world who you truly are. And as a transgender woman, I just want to remind you that we exist and we are here to stay. It is our right to live freely and feel SAFE 🏳️‍🌈 #TransAwarenessWeek

A Goal Digger!

Ming Torayno
Photo from Ming Torayno IG account

I just want to dedicate this post to the one who has been my refuge for the past few months, specially the past few days. It has been very tough for me lately. It was one of the worst episodes of melancholy yet. Yes, it’s not the first that I felt this sad but what makes it worse this time is I honestly don’t know the reason why. I have the tendency to overthink things and that makes it magnify the things that are not working that well. [There] were days when I don’t feel like getting up from the bed. There were days when even if I am with my closest friends, I still think of bad thoughts in my brain. There were days when I had empty laughter.

So, I’d to thank the Lord for being with me during those days. He has always reminded me that I am doing just fine and that He has my back. Thank you, Lord, for reminding me that there is a miracle in the Middle. Thank you for molding me and for strengthening me as I reach for my biggest dreams.

I now believe that you provide for us, indeed! I wouldn’t have survived living in Manila if you did not send people and opportunities that I need. Thank you for the gift of Life, for the gift of Love, and for the gift of People. Please continue to fix and heal my past wounds that I have so I can move forward to a peaceful life. Please help me stop doubting myself and to trust your plans more so I could move forward to a brighter future. I love you, Lord!

To all of you who has been feeling the same way, know that you’ve got someone ready to embrace you and that is the Lord! Never be ashamed to share how you feel and seek for someone’s company when you need one. I am feeling better now, and I hope you are too! Cheers to a successful tomorrow! 

You got this, girl!

Ming Torayno
Photo from Ming Torayno IG account

Make it happen, Ming. Shock everyone.

Keep on inspiring, Ming!

A beautiful woman!

Photo appeared as Featured Image by Josh Adornado posted on Instagram @mijaming
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