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Top 3 Trendy Piercings You Must-Try

Top 3 Trendy Piercings You Must-Try

Has the piercing trend caught your attention? Do you want something new and trendy to show off your style? Piercings can help you with that! In this new generation, there are many that are really slowly evolving that we can try and we can say that piercings are really catchy.

Each piece of jewelry used in piercings can have a different shape or appearance. It gives a hole in our ears or other body parts that we want to put it in. But on the other hand, you need to be prepared and well thought out because it will stay that way permanently. There are instances where the hole can also be removed and healed but often only those with some ear piercings. We need to experiment with it carefully and find out what you really like or where you really consider it for your personal style that you will take for the rest of your life.

Piercings will have different uses of popularity and there are different uses. It also has its own jewelry to use, a way to heal, and of course way to take care of it. It is important to know each piercing first and its popularity for your personal use.

Top 3 Trendy Piercings You Must-Try

1.) Standard Lobe Piercing

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This is an ear piercing that is the simplest and easiest to maintain and it is not really that painful because it is really common or usual. This is the piercing that can be seen in the usual ear piercings for piercings. If you want a simple but strong dating piercing, this is for you because if it is simple, you can choose the jewelry you want to give it dating. It is also a faster healing piercing that only takes weeks.

2.) Septum Nose Piercing

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This nose piercing class is one of the most popular piercings that you can also see on some celebrities. A septum piercing is the piercing found at the bottom of our nose that is between the two nostrils. The shape of the jewelry used here is the shape of a horseshoe, or just round that it should be visible on your nose. This is what can be said to be popular because it is the piercing that is easy to see so it is easier for you to bring out or show your personal style. It takes a long time to recover but not that fast either.

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3.) Belly Button Piercing

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This is when you have a piercing through the skin around your belly. Mostly this is also what most people try because its attack on your appeal signifies sexual attraction. But this is all we need to keep in mind this type of piercing takes a year to heal.

Quick reminder!

Each of these piercings has its own way of care so you can really spend on it. Just keep it clean, especially every hole of our piercings. Always make the skin it pierced healthily. If ever it is sore or swollen you can wipe it with a clean towel that you wet with hot water and rub gently on the piercings. Let us each take care of them as best we can because they are worth it when it lasts for us.

Which trendy piercings got your attention to try? Show off your chosen style now!

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