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Three Subtle Ways You Can Show Affection to Your Parents

Three Subtle Ways You Can Show Affection to Your Parents

You don’t need a special holiday to show your parents some love. Kissing them on the cheek, giving them cheesy creative letters, and saying a simple I love you. Or basically just showing affection to our parents as a child seems so easy. However, we aren’t children anymore. These gestures eventually feel embarrassing to do. But, the thing is — our parents also grow old as we grow up. Becoming an adult doesn’t mean that expressing our affection towards our parents should stop. Parents deserve to feel loved and appreciated, too. 

So, what are the subtle ways you can do to show affection to your parents?

Help them with chores.

If you’re in an Asian household, chores are the way to express affection to your parents. They love it when we do household chores. It may seem like we’re simply doing what we should. But, looking deeper, it can be an act that comes out of concern. We should try to observe and think My mom looks tired, I should take it from here or My dad seems to be having trouble, I should help him out. These chores don’t even have to be heavy ones. It can be as small as carrying the grocery bags inside the house or preparing the dishes for dinner when they get home after a long day at work. It’s all about the initiative, the thought that counts.

Bring pasalubong for your parents.

Bringing pasalubong doesn’t take too much effort. If you see something, take out your wallet, and bring that something home. Just like that, you’ll see your parents smile the moment you step foot on the doorstep with something for them. They’ll realize that the thought of them crossed your mind even when you weren’t with them. Nothing is more heartwarming!

Give them a quick hug or beso-beso.

If kissing your parents on the cheek is too much for you, giving them a hug or beso-beso should do! Make sure not to forget this especially when you go out or come back home. Through this, they would know that you still feel close to them.

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Cook them a meal.

Actually, it could be a simple snack as well. As long as you take the effort to prepare and serve them food, they will notice it as your expression of love. If you’re going to cook something for yourself anyway, might as well cook in a larger portion to give them a helping too.

Sometimes, all our parents need is a loving child during a hard, overwhelming season. The good thing is that our parents are simple. Small gestures are enough to uplift their mood and feel better about the world. We mean so much to our parents, much more than we realize.

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