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Drip Kofi, your authentic Vietnamese caffeine fix in PH

Drip Kofi, your authentic Vietnamese caffeine fix in PH

Drip Kofi, authentic Vietnamese coffee in PH.

Let’s face it, drinking coffee for most of us has become a part of our daily routine. Filipinos’ love for coffee has been evident with the rise of coffee shops in the country. And as an avid coffee drinker, you might have visited various coffee shops in the Metro, but have you found what exactly you’re looking for? Or should I ask whether you are on the lookout for something new? Well then, let me recommend to you Drip Kofi, it’s where you can find yourself a cup of an authentic and budget-friendly Vietnamese caffeine fix!

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Get to know more about Drip Kofi

Drip Kofi began its operations in 2017, founded by Jizelle Bernardino. They opened their first kiosk at the BAGPI Tiangge, followed by their first cafe branch in Taytay in 2018.

They are known for bringing the authentic taste of Vietnamese coffee in PH. Not only that, their perfect fusion of both Filipino coffee and Vietnamese coffee sits just right at their customers’ taste buds making them popular with many coffee enthusiasts. 

What also sets them apart from other cafes is that Drip Kofi traditionally brews their drink using a traditional drip filter calledphin,” which slowly drips the coffee. One of their best-selling drinks, Cà phê sữa đá (Ca Phe Sua Da) translates to coffee with milk and ice, featuring Robusta beans that are darkly roasted; brewed through a phin filter and mixed with condensed milk. The distinct and rich taste of Drip Kofi’s drinks lies within the full extraction of the coffee’s flavors from the dark-roasted Robusta beans, which are commonly used in Vietnam.

Drip Kofi’s growing family has also been expanding nationwide. They currently have 15 branches that serve high-quality ingredients that come with the unique taste of Vietnam in every cup of coffee. And what’s more, is that Drip Kofi is enthusiastic about the idea of expanding their business both in the Metro and across the Philippines so that they can have more Filipinos experience the taste of Vietnam’s authentic flavor in a cup.

What to get when you visit Drip Kofi

As mentioned, Drip Kofi offers you a variety of drinks each with a touch of the distinct taste of Vietnamese coffee prepared in the traditional method. The cafe serves unique twists like Coco Kofi that blends the rich flavor of coffee and coconut, and their bestselling Cà Phê Float, Matcha Float, Cà Phê Sữa Đá, Egg Coffee, Green Tea Latte, Spanish Latte, and White Mocha. 

At Drip Kofi, you can also indulge in a delectable selection of desserts and pastries that suit your palate. If you’re in the mood for something savory, they also have their own pizza and pasta dishes as well as sandwiches that you can pair up with your drinks.

Serving you using high-quality ingredients with a rich and flavorful taste that is delightful to your taste buds, you might have a hard time choosing which one to try at Drip Kofi when you visit them for the first time. 

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Ms. Jizelle Bernardino, founder of Drip Kofi recommends to their first-time customers one of their best-selling ‘Cà Phê Sữa Đá’ which captures the essence of what makes their coffee shop unique. So when you choose ‘Cà Phê Sữa Đá’, it provides you with a genuine taste of Vietnamese coffee culture which makes it a great starting point for anyone new to Drip Kofi’s menu.

The Drip experience

As a coffee enthusiast myself, I am not one to miss out on trying Drip Kofi. My friend was the one who actually introduced the cafe to me and I’m glad that we found one of their branch in the Metro. 

Back in 2023, we visited their branch in Mandaluyong and tried their White Mocha and Spanish Latte. To complement our drinks, we also ordered a plate of chocolate cookie and pizza.

The sweet and bitter notes in their coffee blend just right which perfectly suits our taste. Their food also left a lasting impression on us. Ever since then, we have gone back to Drip Kofi whenever we have time to enjoy their delightful coffee and delish food.

Do you love coffee and want to have a taste of authentic Vietnamese coffee in PH? Visit Drip Kofi and indulge yourself with the rich and distinct flavor of Vietnamese coffee that’s perfect for your daily caffeine fix!

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