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8 Most Useful Languages To Learn

8 Most Useful Languages To Learn

Learning a new language sounds exciting. Along the process, you will get to know not only the words but the culture of the country where the language is used. Learning multiple dialects increases confidence, improves cognitive skills, and allows you to engage in more ventures in global industries. 

If you are thinking of learning a new language for business, academe, or fun, better consider this list as these are the most useful languages to learn. 


It is no question that English is the most helpful language to learn. As the universal language, it is used in international business meetings, university lectures, and published materials and is widely used worldwide by travelers. Learning English also gives a higher chance of business opportunities globally. 


Mandarin is the official language of the world’s most populous country – China. Since the country is a significant competitor in the economic sector, learning their dialect is beneficial for business partnerships. Even without the intention of settling in the country, the skills will help you negotiate and deal with business-related matters. 


Being simply bilingual enhances competitiveness; what more if you speak Spanish? With over 33 million speakers, Spanish is the second-largest spoken language in the United States (Colorado Mesa University). Learning this is becoming a step closer to more chances of business prospects in the Spanish-speaking areas of the US or Latin American countries.  


If you aspire to work in the automotive, communications, and financial industries abroad, Japanese is one language you must consider learning. Since the country is a global leader in innovation and technology, the ability to converse in their native dialect will leave a good impression. It may be included among the hardest to learn, but it is a gateway to other Asian languages and cultures. 


As to the University of Virginia College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, “French is the language of the future.” This Romance language is of high culture broadly linked to culinary, fashion, theatre, the visual arts, and architecture. If you love the fields mentioned, better include learning French in your following schedules. You would enjoy visiting France confidently like a local. 

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When we are to the debate over the most attractive language, Italian will turn the game. Also described as the sweetest language, Italian is extremely allied to history, music, fashion, and art-related subjects. Italy is the framework of classicism, so if you dream of living an aesthetic life, learn Italian today to feel like a native when the time comes. 


With Korea’s growing economy and stand in Asian pop culture, Korean is among the most valuable languages to learn. If technology and business also interest you, Korea is becoming a player in such sectors, so better learn to connect to them in the future. The country is great as a vacation destination; therefore, if you plan on exploring Korean culture, start learning its language now. 


According to United States Census, India is the second most populous country in the world. Speaking their official language is advantageous if you are to travel or do business to converse with them. They have a different culture reflected in their dress, cuisine, and gestures, so learning Hindi is a pace advance. 

Remember that learning the language takes more than just knowing the right words. It is equally important to understand how to use them justly, whether culturally or within a setting. In this world that is fast changing, acquiring another language is arming yourself. Learn. Implement. Enjoy. 

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