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Recommending Filipino family films to watch during Christmas

Recommending Filipino family films to watch during Christmas

Filipino films don’t disappoint when it comes to familial themes. Almost every local movie that we have all roots back to the family. Heartbreak? Family. Success? Family. Loss? Family. It is a part of our culture that we will never let go of, it is something that sets us apart from others. Even comedy or horror films promote good family relationships, but there are certain films that are cut out among the rest!

Recommending Filipino family films to watch during Christmas

Bahay Kubo: A Pinoy Mano Po!

Bahay Kubo is a star-studded family film that tackles the hardships of a large family. This movie is something different from the ones that we’re used to because it shows the struggle of having an adopted family, something that not all of us have experienced. The star quality of the cast and the great acting of Maricel Soriano has left us with quite a few buckets of tears. But those tears are all well-spent! Watch this movie with your loved one and relive your cherished moments together through this movie! Stream it for free on YouTube.

Mama’s Girl

This movie will make us hug our mothers more this Christmas season for it will give us a lot of feels! Mama’s Girl gives us the undying love of a mother for her child, no matter how hard the situations are. It gives a gentle touch that feels like a mother’s hug and we’re not expecting the tears parade! Watch this with your Mama!

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Seven Sundays

Honestly, anyone who didn’t cry while watching this movie is a total robot! This film has made us bawl our eyes out just thinking of the fact that there will come a time that we’ll lose a loved one. It is always hard when it’s our own parents that get sick, it’s just something that didn’t occur to us that would ever happen. Seven Sundays have captured all our hearts with the values that this film has taught us. What are you waiting for? Watch this film on Netflix with your family!

What about you? What movie would you like to watch with your family this Christmas? Share it with us!

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