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5 Things You Need to Consider for Starting Your Drawing Journey

5 Things You Need to Consider for Starting Your Drawing Journey

Have you ever felt the urge to sketch but hesitated to pick up your pencils? Well, now’s the time to take that leap and begin your artistic journey with pen and paper. Here are some important factors to think about as you start your drawing journey!

Know Your Whats and Whys 

For beginners or those who view drawing as a recreational pursuit, it’s essential to clarify what subjects you’re interested in drawing and your motivations behind picking up the pencil.

Whenever you start drawing, it’s crucial to have a defined goal in mind. Whether it’s for a school project, to hone your skills, or simply for personal enjoyment, being specific and driven will guide your artistic journey.

Simply transfer the picture in your mind onto the paper in front of you. Let your imagination flow through your pen or pencil, allowing the lines and shapes to materialize into the image you envision. Don’t overthink it. Just know your whats and whys!

It’s okay to not Have everything figured out

Drawing is observing.

Absolutely, there’s no pressure to have everything mapped out. It’s perfectly fine not to have all the materials like others do. Don’t feel compelled to follow the traditional path that many people take. While having a vision is beneficial, it’s also okay to feel uncertain at times.

Draw from your imagination and that’s creativity. Try drawing mountains and all you have to do is imagine and connect the dots. You might have mountains in books, movies, or in real life. It could be your reference!

Avoid Comparing

When it comes to drawing, constantly comparing your work to others can be detrimental to your creativity. Instead of viewing someone else’s art as superior to yours, use it as inspiration to fuel your own growth and improvement without falling into the trap of comparison.

Their final artwork may be more impressive than yours, but it’s important to remember the years of dedication and practice they put into it. Competition can be healthy, but it’s essential to maintain a positive mindset. Trust in your artistic instincts and have faith in your creative abilities.

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Passion Grows with Time

Creating impressive artwork doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey that unfolds over time. Skills are cultivated through consistent practice and dedication. Instead of imposing strict time limits, focus on the progress you’re making each day. Allow yourself the freedom to explore different techniques and ideas, knowing that growth takes time and patience.

Instead of endlessly seeking your passion, start building it day by day. As you immerse yourself in activities that resonate with you, you’ll gradually uncover what truly lights a fire within you.

Practice Makes Progress

Feeling stuck is normal, but it’s essential to keep showing up each day. Progress comes from consistent practice. Instead of making drastic changes all at once, focus on gradual improvements. Let go of your ego, even if it seems insignificant at first. Arguably, small efforts lead to significant progress.

Embrace the concept of baby steps. They’re better than taking no steps at all. Dedicate yourself to drawing daily and maintaining a consistent presence. Remember, mastery comes through repetition. Don’t strive for perfection, instead, focus on completion. And most importantly, allow yourself the freedom to fail. It’s an essential part of the journey towards improvement.

Now, embark on your artistic journey with these tips made just for you. Begin now and let your creativity guide your hand!

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