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The road less taken…

The road less taken…

I often wonder what makes the road mysterious despite its banal expanse extending from one place to another – is it because of the journey it provides along the way? Or is it because of the breathtaking views it caters to its travelers? Nonetheless, it still is mysterious, well at least for me.

Where is it located?

In our peaceful town of Palauig, a road situated in Salaza awaits you. It connects the Sitio Dampay to the very heart of the said barangay. It is a cemented road expanding a stretch of several kilometers long. And along its way, beautiful scenery awaits you here and there. It is as if wherever you look, be it on your left or right, you only see nature. The feeling of not being surrounded by the concrete jungle like in Metro Manila seems great. The trees swaying along the wind, and a pleasing and breathtaking view of nature will greet you. Of course, life there also exists – a simpler life lived by the sitio’s residents for that matter. Its community is kind and welcoming to all, as long as you do not pose threat, at the very least.

Where does this road lead to?

Sitio Dampay boasts a lot of famous destinations like the Mt. Tapulao, the Bagsit River, and the Tunnel (Bula-Bula), all of which are only accessible by traversing the said long expanse. True enough, the journey is quite long if you happen to take this road. But what truly counts are the things that await you there. The famous tourists’ destinations, and even the experiences you can have along the way. But despite the wonderful experience and welcoming community this road leads to, it is still a road less taken by. And that fact alone is a mystery for me.

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Right now, it may still be a road less taken by. But still, its mysteries are there, awaiting you to experience the wonders of nature. So buckle up and get ready for an awesome adventure that awaits you there!

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