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Veras’ Art of Craftmanship in utilizing Macramé

Veras’ Art of Craftmanship in utilizing Macramé

Macramé is a versatile form of fiber art utilized by a craftsman. Also, It can be used to make everything from wall hangings, to plant hangers, and more. In addition to this, It utilizes simple materials like cotton twine, jute, hemp, or yarn. Whereas, It can be as simple or complex as the crafter would like.

Furthermore, Veras is an emerging brand that encapsulates creativity and hard work that reflects through the pieces crafted.

Owner of Veras

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Chloe De Vera, 26, is a Certified Industrial Engineer and Owner of Veras Macrame Ph. In addition, she single-handedly creates all her projects of boho, fiber arts, and weaving with passion.


The new Macramé bag is known as “Luna”. According to Chloe, It was inspired by Lovegood from the Harry Potter movie, which is her favorite character. She does not only craft pieces just for the sake of making one, she adds what she feels in making a piece. She encourages people in her posts by providing words of wisdom for them to strive and create more.

Sisidlan, Marikit, Isla and Phone Bag

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The Veras off-white comes in five different styles the Sisidlan, Marikit, Isla, and Phone Bag. Moreover, the bag looks sophisticated and stylish, which can be used on some occasions. Whether you are going to the beach or running some errands.

Finally, the thing that makes the bags special is the craftsmanship behind them is extraordinary.

Never let the fear stops you from starting the one that ignites your spirit

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In an interview when asked, “As an artist, what can you suggest to the youth for them to find their passion and strengths in the field of art?”

Coming from a different field, Engineering, my advice is to not be afraid of breaking the norm. You can be more. Never let the fear stops you from starting the one that ignites your spirit. Silence your self-doubt at mag umpisa ka lang!

Whatever it is, there’s no substitute for giving your 200% best, it will eventually help you to have what it takes.”

Moreover, who is your biggest inspiration in the creative industry?

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I don’t have a specific person to tell as my inspiration. It is not that I’m not inspired by any but most of the time, the life that I wanted for my loved ones and myself makes me inspired enough to do better every day.”

Her Vision within the Brand

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Her vision is to simply provide and develop beautiful, functional, and sustainable fiber art pieces that would spark meaningful conversations.

Photo Credits: Facebook

Veras is a brand that is handcrafted with devotion by making a difference in the creative field. Instead of posting captions about her product on Instagram on certain features about the product, she uplifts and encourages people by reminding them of things to continue to strive for. She inspires people with her created piece and you know for sure that all of her pieces have a rationale and inspiration to be seen by people to buy her masterpiece. Despite having a different field that she is pursuing now, she continues to work on her passion and believes that it will take her somewhere grand in the future.

Follow her Instagram and Facebook accounts to learn more about upcoming pieces. Click here and here.

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