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4 barenbliss Makeup Essentials perfect for any Makeup Bag

4 barenbliss Makeup Essentials perfect for any Makeup Bag

With the constant popularity of effortless and natural makeup looks, we can’t deny that having the right makeup items in your beauty bag is a must on achieving any specific look you want. But whether you want a  Natural Makeup Look or a Full Glam Look, you stash these barenbliss makeup essentials in your makeup bag. From base makeup to lip products, barenbliss got you! 

1. Compact Powder 

On a crisp day, you’ll never go wrong with the right skin-based makeup powder. Be sure to choose the right shade, because it can really affect your overall look all throughout the day. To avoid a cakey look, just apply the right amount of compact powder once you’re liquid-based foundation like the True Beauty Cushion or Light It Up Skin Tint already perfectly absorbed by your skin.

2. Fortune Cookie Eyeshadow

Add depth and color to your eyelid with this makeup item from barenbliss. I’m pretty sure you rarely heard about this product from the brand, and if you’re not trying it yet, girl, your makeup bag is missing out, so be sure to add it!

3. Full Bloom Lip Matte Tint

If you wanted to try something new from barenbliss aside from the Peach Makes Perfect Lip Tint that was popularized by netizens on Tiktok, then this one’s for you. You can choose from six different shades: 01 Fresh Dawn, 02 Magical Mimosa, 03 Pollen Harvest, 04 Sunny Rose, 05 Ruby Rose, 06 Sassy Season.

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