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Meet the newest everyday sunscreen-SPF BFF, your makeup’s ride-or-die bestie!

Meet the newest everyday sunscreen-SPF BFF, your makeup’s ride-or-die bestie!

Have you heard about the latest buzz? GRWM Cosmetics welcomes the newest addition to your daily routine-meet your SPF BFF, your skin’s BFF, and your makeup’s new BFF. This innovative everyday sunscreen is here to be your reliable sidekick, whether you’re headed to conquer the day or just simply staying at home. This versatile sunscreen, meant to be your ride-or-die SPF BFF, provides you with broad-spectrum protection for all of your upcoming adventures, whether it’s a day at the beach, a holiday getaway, a busy day at the office, or even when at home.

Your skin’s newest BFF

Picture this: an everyday sunscreen that not only gives you sun protection but can also be your hydrating primer to prep your skin before your makeup application. You heard it right! SPF BFF is here to help you look your best while also protecting your skin from the sun’s rays. With an amazing 98% UV protection, no white cast, a natural, lightweight formula, and radiant finish, it’s comforting to know that loving your skin doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your makeup look. And the most amazing part? It’s not sticky, so you can enjoy your day with pure comfort.

SOME TLC for your skin

But wait, there’s much more to fall. for the SPF BFF! This everyday sunscreen goes above and beyond to keep your skin happy and healthy. It contains skin-loving ingredients such as Glycerin, Niacinamide, Heart Leaf Extract, Adenosine, and Panthenol. From relieved dryness to improve elasticity and free radical protection, your skin will be grateful for making SPF BFF part of your daily routine.

YOUR BFF provides advances Advance Protection

What makes SPF BFF even more extraordinary is its innovative formulation, which includes new generation photostable UV filters. These new generation UV filters provide reliable UVA and UVB protection, as well as stability and defense against free radicals and skin damage. It’s like having your own personal protector against outside forces, all in one.

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SPF BFF will be your go-to summer essential, available for purchase online via Shopee, Lazada, and at select retail locations for only ₱599.00 starting may 31, 2024 at 4PM.

With SPF BFF, you are now ready to conquer your everyday life with your ride-or-die BFF! It’s time for your daily routine to get upgrade it deserves.

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