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Embrace your morena skin with these skincare tips!

Embrace your morena skin with these skincare tips!

In a society that favors people with fair and lighter skin, being morena has always been challenging. And, saying that isn’t even an understatement. There are brands in the market that call fair and light skin “beautiful” while calling dark and morena skin “dull” and “ugly.” Thankfully, there are products in the market that offer us a ticket to that glowy morena skin.

Embrace your morena skin with these skincare tips!

A toner for extra care

Toners are used in between cleansing and moisturizing. After cleaning and prepping for moisturizer it is important to tone your skin with toner. It also helps eliminate extra dirt and removes oil stuck in your pores. Meanwhile, using toner regularly helps in minimizing pores and gives off smoother complexity.

Keep that morena skin moisturized

It’s always the first step in every skincare routine. After cleansing, the skin’s moisture also gets stripped off your face and body. That’s why you need to reapply your moisturizer. It’s best to choose a moisturizer that fits your skin. Aside from that, it should also match your need. Having morena skin and lacking moisturizer will make you dry. Of course, reapplying a good amount of moisturizer, your skin becomes hydrated, fresh, and plump.

Exfoliation eliminates dull skin

Regular exfoliation prevents clogging of your skin. It eliminates dead skin that causes your unhealthy glow. Doing this regularly also makes your morena skin fresh and brings natural skin in you. It’s not just designed for fair skins —morena skin can benefit too.

Face mask brings the fresh morena in you

Of course, face masks are important in keeping your skin healthy. It helps in hydrating your face and provides extra care for your glow. Hydrating your face with a face mask infuses your pores with hydrating ingredients that focus on the prevention of breakouts. If your face is soaked with hydration it eliminates possible problems like acne, blackheads, and skin aging.

A good sunscreen protects your morena glow

Fair skin may burn from too much sun exposure, but morena skin also experiences this trouble. So importantly sunscreen will help you protect from that threat. Apply it to your face and body to protect your skin from UV rays that cause sudden aging and wrinkling of your face. The higher the SPF, the better.

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