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Get that Glow with Y.O.U Radiance Glow Series’ new additions

Get that Glow with Y.O.U Radiance Glow Series’ new additions

The ultimate goal is to come back to the young and beautiful you! If you are planning to elevate your skincare routine, Y.O.U Beauty is here to make your dream come true. 

As the Y.O.U Radiance Glow Series earned a lot of praises during its launch in October 2023, the brand took an effort to formulate the newest additions to the series. Developed together with R&D expert Tadahiro Shimada, they expanded by adding Radiance Glow Advanced Eye Serum to the set and a limited edition Sakura packaging for your all-time favorite Radiance Glow Illuminating Serum.

The Mizu Glow Technology

By keeping in mind the intricacy of Asian skin, Y.O.U Beauty infused Mizu Glow Technology for a mild and high efficiency brightening system. As our skin is prone to sensitivity and irritation, the brand formulated this series for those who have oily, combination and sensitive skin

Y.O.U Beauty infused Sakura extract to reduce melanin production for a lighter complexion while promoting softer and smoother skin. They have also included 99% pure Niacinamide that minimizes pores and C-three Complex that is 10x more brightening than 10% Vitamin C.

Radiance Glow Advanced Eye Serum

The newest addition to complete the series is the new Radiance Glow Advanced Eye Serum. It is a serum which contains C-three Complex, Niacinamide, and Sakura Extract. These components are proven to target dark circles, improve the appearance of eye bags and fine lines around the eyes. 

Upon application, the serum feels lightweight and glides well on the skin. This eye serum also boasts its 3D Peptides+Collagen which can help in lifting and firming the skin around the eyes. If you’re someone who cannot avoid sleeping late at night, this eye serum might be your eye bag remedy. 

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Radiance Glow Illuminating Serum Sakura Edition 

This limited edition Radiance Glow Illuminating Serum Sakura Edition looks so pretty and makes you feel pretty, too! Using the Sakura season as their inspiration, Y.O.U improved their illuminating serum with the Sakura extract. 

With the goal to help your skin reveal its radiant complexion, Y.O.U Beauty has added this masterpiece to the series. The brand has also used other skin-loving ingredients that won’t cause peeling or redness on the skin. We all want that glass skin, and using this illuminating serum could be the first step in achieving that! 

Glow Like Never Before

The Radiance Glow Series offers a cleanser, toner essence, serum, and a day and night cream for a skincare solution that helps to gently brighten and evens out skin tone to achieve that healthy, glass skin glow. These are available in Lazada, Shopee, Tiktok Shop, and other physical stores nationwide! 

The key to getting that healthy glass skin glow lies in ensuring that you’re using a gentle yet effective skincare product that is suited for your skin type and skin needs. Glow like never before with the Y.O.U Beauty’s Radiance Glow Series! 

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