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The Power of Books and Diaries

The Power of Books and Diaries

It is not surprising to meet people who prefer libraries and museums to spend their time surfing the internet. We live in an era of technology: premium subscriptions to Netflix and Disney Plus are accessible and affordable. All sorts of series and dramas are available on screens. Yet, some people are still engrossed in books, novels, journals, and stationeries.

Reading a book and journaling are powerful tools in our cruel world. It is escaping reality and being lost in a good way. Reading a book is finding another way to connect to something bigger. Meanwhile, journaling or writing in a diary lets emotions out and possibly sparks self-discovery. These kinds of activities benefit both physical and mental health.

The Power of Books and Diaries

Strengthens the brain

You can never go wrong in sitting down with a good book. If our body needs physical exercise, so does our brain. Reading is a good exercise for the brain because it stays healthy and alert. It keeps our activity levels high and our brain strong; it becomes more responsive to sensations. Additionally, it lessens the possibility of acquiring risks for health issues like dementia.

Increases the ability to empathize

Admit it or not, but there are instances when we want to snap. It may be from an attitude we hated or circumstances we didn’t see coming. However, every time we read, it sends us to other dimensions with every page we flip. Fiction is about getting to know the characters and exploring their lives. The situations presented in stories help us to comprehend and understand a different point of view. It sharpens our ability to understand the feelings and beliefs of others. It affects our socializing skills and teaches us how to deal with social relationships.

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Builds vocabulary

“The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer,” this concept is known in reading. It was taught that we gradually learn new words and develop a large vocabulary whenever we read. Thus, we familiarize ourselves with new words by writing in diaries or journaling. Some people prefer to write the new words they learn in their notebooks because they can remember them better. It can be used in different life areas: from academic outputs to landing jobs.

Reduces stress

Reading or writing your feelings in a diary reduces our psychological stress. It is effective in dealing with anxiety attacks and depression. Most of the time, those who are into books and writing are labeled as nerds and introverts. That might be why they distance themselves, but a book, a piece of paper, and a pen is a good company. It makes like more peaceful, more organized, and more figured.

Reading and journaling inspire creativity, critical thinking, and other benefits with the word power. There is no specific book that should be read. Whatever you can get your hand on, go on and grab it.

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