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Taste Art with JP Cledera’s Painted Cakes

Taste Art with JP Cledera’s Painted Cakes

JP Cledera

Cakes are what make any occasion special. With something sweet and surrounded by delicate decorations in the middle of the table, the celebration is already perfect!

But how can you make a cake extra special? Well, for John Paul Cledera, artistry is the answer.

He became popularly known for making Taylor Swift’s Folklore Cake and Vice President Leni Robredo’s Rosas Cake

Let’s get to know this cake artist!

Unexpected Start

John Paul draws and paints both in traditional and digital ways. He often uploads his artworks to his Instagram account, too @jpcleds.

However, he had no real experience decorating or painting cakes until JP and his sister couldn’t find a minimalist cake shop that still took orders.

And that’s when they decided to try baking their own cake and painting it for the first time.

“Every minimalist cake store that we know were fully booked that time which led us to making our own, and trying out painting on a cake for the very first time which I wasn’t really expecting blow up and for Taylor freaking Swift to see so that really jumpstarted my career in creating cake art.” 

Memorable Cake Masterpieces

Every artist has their favorite masterpiece, and for the cake artist, JP Cledera, there are two memorable cakes for him.

The first is Taylor Swift’s Folklore Cake, which got her noticed by the American singer-songwriter artist.

In a tweet, JP shared a photo of him holding the cake he painted in celebration of the success of Taylor Swift’s album Folklore and its song Cardigan.

His tweet got noticed by Taylor Nation, the award-winning singer’s official management team.

And later on, Taylor Swift replied to JP’s post, praising him for the cake and his artwork on Instagram.

 “The folklore cake was definitely an unforgettable moment in my life because Taylor noticed it and I was able to hear what she actually thinks of the artworks that I made for her throughout the years.”

Another cake artwork that is memorable for him is the cake for Vice President Leni Robredo.

He made the cake during the election. The cake is filled with pink frosting, highlighting Robredo’s campaign color with roses around it.

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“As for the Leni cake it’s my first time to be really vocal when it comes to politics and I’m really proud of myself for being in the right side of history.”

In a TikTok video, JP shared that in a zoom call with Swifties for Leni, he was able to show the cake with VP Leni’s daughter Jillian Robredo and with former Senator Kiko Pangilinan’s daughter Kakie.

Recognition from other people

JP said that he really enjoys creating art, so decorating a cake is not different from other work he does.

Although the process of painting cakes can be really stressful for him, what he loves about working with cakes is the rewarding feeling he gets from his clients and random people online praising his art.

For aspiring cake artists, his advice is,

“The best advice I could give to aspiring cake artists out there is to never stop practicing/working on your craft and don’t be afraid to try doing designs you haven’t tried!”

You can have your cakes painted by checking their online cake shop, ‘Baddie Bakes‘, on Facebook and Instagram.

Make your cake extra special with JP Cledera’s artistry!

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