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Take a look at these possible new emojis for 2021-2022

Take a look at these possible new emojis for 2021-2022

Emojis made it easier to express oneself on social media. Emoji reference website Emojipedia shared the latest draft of the new list of emojis and their schedule of approval. Contenders for approval include the saluting face, biting lip, coral, and a low battery. 

Also considered are consistent gender options for pregnancy, royalty, and ‘heart hands.’

In addition, part of the draft list includes an opportunity to pick from 15 distinct handshake combinations.


Each emoji may subject to change before final approval on September 2021. When the Emoji 14.0 final version drops, actual vendor designs may change from those provided.

Few notes on some emoji entries

  1. Hand with Index Finger and Thumb Crossed – Used as the popular finger heart symbol popular in K-pop and K-dramas. Also used in any other gesture that requires the index and thumb, such as money.
  2. Coral – The emoji widely used as a symbol to address climate change. Used in relation to the extreme impact of rising global temperatures on coral reefs.
  3. Person with Crown – Used for gender inclusivity, in addition to the existing emojis of Prince and Princess.
  4. Pregnant Man and Pregnant Person – it acknowledges that some transgender men and non-binary individuals can get pregnant.

Schedule of the release of Emoji 14.0

Due to the pandemic, the release of new emojis have been postponed this year. According to Emojipedia, emojis of the final version of Emoji 14.0 haven’t been confirmed.

The final designs will most likely resemble their current draft list, with no additional emojis.

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Changing and removing emojis may still be possible before September. Release dates for emoji compatibility vary a lot. It depends on the operating system, app, or device.

What emoji do you look forward to the most? Personally, I’m looking forward to ‘finger heart,’ disco ball,’ and the ‘X-ray’ emojis.

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